Bobby’s Review of BLOW, featuring Winter, Becky Bayless, Christina Von Eerie and more…
Posted on Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Howdy to my fine readers. Here’s hoping you’ve all enjoyed a magnificent Christmas dinner with an even more magnificent Boxing Day dinner following on its heels. I’m here to help you enjoy it even more by offering up my coverage and review of one of the latest new all-female promotions to have arrived on the scene this year. The luridly titled BLOW (Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling) taped its show back in October but decided not to air it on iPPV as planned because they weren’t happy with the quality of the stream. So now they have made it available on Youtube for us all to watch. Watch the video below after the cut.

Before I get into a match-by-match analysis, I’ll get a handful of pros and cons out of the way first:


*The acoustics in the venue weren’t that great. For me it was almost impossible to actually understand what the ring announcer was saying so for girls I didn’t know I had to wait for the commentators to say their names during the match before I knew who was who. Plus there was no name bar as well so I’m sure a lot of viewers would have no idea who they were watching for most of the matches

*There isn’t any real introduction or anything on the video. Perhaps there was at the show but as it is the promotion’s debut, I think there could have been at least something especially since they’re starting off with a title tournament


*The wrestling as a whole was very good. Not a bad match on the card at all. And none ran too long. The early matches were all around five minutes on average with a couple more running seven minutes and the main event being fifteen minutes. So the show did not feel like a chore to watch. Personally I feel a wrestling match should never run longer than fifteen minutes and none of the matches felt padded out. The show got to the point anyway.

*The talent was quite good as well. They had some big names to get people in the door such as Winter, Christina Von Eerie and Becky Bayless but there were also quite a few girls that I didn’t know which was good as it gave the promotion its own identity rather than feeling like SHIMMER or WSU version 2. A good few of the girls made good first impressions on me anyway. For the girls I didn’t know, I’ll give them a little introduction based on what I know

*The promotion calls itself “Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling” so it lived up to the title. I know it’s a weird thing to give credit for but if you advertise “bombshell ladies” and don’t deliver than that’s a bit annoying for the fans. The show had its share of attractive ladies who could wrestle

1 – Brittney Savage vs Amber O’Neal:

Brittney Savage vs Amber O’Neal

We’re opening with the matches in the quarter finals of the tournament. Also as the show was taped in October, a lot of the talent were wearing pink on their ring gear to show support for Breast Cancer awareness. This started off as a seemingly friendly encounter though Brittney Savage was acting a teensy bit strange. She proposed a test of strength but Amber was too tall for her to reach up, so she hilariously climbed up to the top rope and extended her hand up there. The ‘friendly competition’ didn’t last too long as Savage offered a handshake but then took a cheap shot and hit a bulldog, taking control from then on. Never thought I’d see Amber O’Neal properly working face, outside of her little role as Charlotte on Wrestlicious, but she was very over with the fans. After a while we got an exchange of punches which graduated into a chopfest. There seemed to be a small miscommunication in the corner at one stage where Savage went for an Irish Whip but they seemed to stop and then try again. The poor girl ended up as the recipient of a stink face from Amber (to the crowd’s delight). Amber then tried for a series of pins but Savage countered a backslide and then hit a Diamond Cutter for the surprise win.

Pretty good opener and nice work from both the women. The early antics were good for getting the crowd involved and the overall in-ring action was very good sans that one teensy miscommunication. Surprising to see Brittney Savage advance to the semi-finals, I would have had Amber down as a strong contender. The finish was slightly abrupt but it didn’t detract from the match overall.

Winner: Brittney Savage at 5:33; 6.5/10

 2 – Missy Sampson vs Luscious Latasha:

Missy Sampson vs Luscious Latasha

Missy Sampson is a veteran who has been wrestling since 1995 mainly in the Philadelphia area and this is my first time seeing her work. Luscious Latasha of course is one half of the Soul Sisters from WSU and brought some nice energy to the proceedings. It didn’t seem to rub off on the crowd however as they were very pro-Missy. There were frequent “let’s go Missy!” chants. They started off with a sequence of chain wrestling that I wasn’t happy about. The wrestling itself was solid, nice and fast paced with some crisp sequences. The problem was that Missy is 5’7” and Latasha is a LOT shorter. So the entire sequence looked so awkward with the height difference, not a good idea to be honest. And with Missy being a big girl as well, it wasn’t too believable either. However when they switched to Missy dominating, it looked a little better. Of course it’s hard to properly dominate a match when the crowd is on your side so she didn’t have much to play off. However all her slams, suplexes etc looked nice and impactful. Latasha came back with a few kicks and then landed a cartwheel splash for two. She went for a Trouble In Paradise (which got the crowd chanting “Kofi Kingston!” briefly) but Missy dodged. Latasha nearly got the win with a small package but Missy put her away with a nice suplex into a gutbuster to advance into the semi-finals.

Not as strong as the previous match and a lot of it was really hurt by the size difference between the two women. They tried to wrestle it out as if they were the same size and built but it looked awkward and didn’t come across well, when they probably should have gone for more of a cat and mouse story. However the second part of the match was better and it was passable overall.

Winner: Missy Sampson at 5:48; 6/10

 3 – Nikki Adams vs Marti Belle:

Nikki Adams vs Marti Belle

I previously knew Nikki Adams from when she was calling herself “The Black Rose” but she’s not using that gimmick here, while Marti Belle is the current WSU Spirit Champion and one of my favourites. I had a feeling this would be a good match because both women showed great charisma in their entrances – Nikki Adams was obnoxious and full of herself while Marti Belle was sexy and lovable. Things were pretty aggressive starting off and Marti Belle’s strikes looked really effective, almost on a Serena Deeb level. After this rather aggressive series of strikes, Belle climbed to the top rope for perhaps a moonsault but Adams cut her off and put her in the Tree of Woe. The match continued to be nice and fast paced from then on with Adams working over her opponent. She was looking much more solid here than in matches I’ve seen her work in WSU. Belle drew inspiration from the Ted DiBiase Jr playbook and hit one of his rope-running clotheslines, following that up with a modified Side Effect using the arm for leverage. She then hit a cannonball press while Adams was in the corner. Adams floored her with a big boot but that surprisingly only got two. I thought the match would have ended there. Belle hit a spinning fist followed by a Pedigree to get the win.

Nice fast paced match that was one of the better encounters of the evening despite being one of the shortest. Marti Belle continues to be one of the brighter young talents on the indies and also continues to prove that models/actresses can indeed become good wrestlers. Naturally with two heels already in the semi-finals they need two faces now. Belle is my favourite to make it to the finals now.

Winner: Marti Belle at 5:04; 7/10

 4 – Sienna Duvall vs Katarina Lea:

Katarina Leigh vs Sienna Duvall

Yes it is indeed Winter who seems to be going through different names each time she appears on the indies. In fact the commentators were confused about what to call her at first and they call her ‘Katie Lea’ for a while when the match gets started. Her entrance is just as much of a pantomime as ever and she takes off her belt, teasing using it as a whip as she gets checked out by the referee. Sienna Duvall is a feisty Philadelphia girl who has been wrestling for five years and looks quite similar to Athena if I’m being honest. This match got off to an aggressive start as well as Katarina attacked Sienna but ended up getting thrown out of the ring. Katarina responded by sending Sienna flying into the ring post and then into the guard rail. She then waited in the ring, hoping she would get her opponent counted out but Sienna got back in at the count of 7 and the match continued. Katarina started off by targeting Sienna’s back but that seemed to be forgotten later on though her offence was no less intense. Sienna fired back with some really nice looking clotheslines and a bulldog. Katarina went for her trademark Kat Nip but Sienna countered into a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Katarina knocked her down with a big boot but tried to go for a pin where Sienna’s feet were under the ropes and so the match continued. Sienna then got back in control and trapped Katarina in a Boston Crab but she got to the ropes and hot-shotted Sienna onto the middle rope. However Sienna was able to catch her off guard with a Samoan Drop for the win.

Another good match. Surprising that Katarina/Winter didn’t advance to the semi-finals since she is a well-known name but then again they had two heels and one face so they needed another face in the semi-finals. I’m very impressed with Sienna Duvall, she seems like a very intense and passionate wrestler and I look forward to seeing her work with the rest of the BLOW girls. Katarina can always be very hit and miss in terms of her matches but here we saw some good work from her. I’m sure even if she won’t be in the tournament we’ll still see her at BLOW shows.

Winner: Sienna Duvall at 7:20; 6.5/10

 5 – Jewells Malone vs Silvie Silver:

Silvie Silver vs Jewells Malone; vs Becky Bayless

We’re now finished the tournament matches so the rest are just purely for our entertainment. Before this match can actually get started, the boisterous Becky Bayless barges her way down to the ring and grabs the microphone. She gets some cheap heat to remind the crowd she is a heel and then announces that the winner of this match will then automatically face her, making this a sort of gauntlet match. Anyway, Silvie Silver is a blonde bombshell that has an image reminiscent of Angelina Love. She is also a former gymnast and body builder, having been trained in Toronto so I assume she is Canadian (though I did hear a foreign sounding accent at times during the match). Jewells Malone is also Canadian and also blonde, and also absolutely gorgeous. Apparently she’s also got a finance degree so there’s the brains, beauty and brawn. Now onto the match, which opened nice and fast paced with some effective arm drags from Jewells while Silvie seemed to gear more towards hair-pulling and cat-fighting type tactics. She seems to be quite the stiff striker too and she really looked like she was out to destroy poor Jewells, especially with a sequence of knife-edge chops. Jewells went for a crossbody but Silvie blocked and hit a powerslam. Jewells is able to get a comeback and appears to be both athletic and technical. Silvie hits a handstand splash for only 2 but then hits a Thriller Driller (that’s what Philly The Kid calls it, I don’t know the technical name) to abruptly eliminate Jewells. Becky Bayless wastes no time attacking Silvie straight away and delivers a strait-jacket neckbreaker for the win.

Not sure what the point of throwing Becky Bayless out there was but she cut a good promo and gave the crowd some form of character out there. The actual match was very good and I enjoyed what I saw from both Silvie Silver and Jewells Malone. Both showed nice personality, Silvie as the proper Alpha Bitch while Jewells was the sweet girl next door and they are both quite solid in the ring. I hope to see more of them at BLOW’s shows in the future.

Winner: Becky Bayless at 4:30; 7/10

 6 – Alexxis Nevaeh vs Annie Social:

Alexxis Nevaeh vs Annie Social

Nevaeh is actually Lexxus from WSU. Meanwhile Annie Social as a face? Amber O’Neal was a stretch but this is almost like Bizarro Land. My, Annie sure is flexible isn’t she? She offers Nevaeh a handshake but gets kicked in the stomach instead. Oh snap! She fights back from this nasty indignity with a few kicks and a running big boot to the head. She goes for another boot but Nevaeh catches her foot and kicks her other leg out from under her, dropping her into a split position. Ouch. To add further ouchy to the proceedings, Nevaeh low dropkicks her in the face and follows up with a senton for two. And then things get especially nasty. I wasn’t aware that girls were capable of giving nipple cripples to each other but well…nor did I think that they would then use the nipples for leverage to throw the recipient around the ring. But thank you Nevaeh for continuing to destroy my illusion of proper ladylike behaviour. Social gives Nevaeh her comeuppance for that in the form of a few clotheslines in the corner and a well-placed kick to where my brother calls the “deep South region”. She follows that up with a discus punch and introduces Nevaeh’s face personally to her girls (I will name them Magenta and Columbia for the purposes of this article) before hitting a facebuster for two. Nevaeh out of nowhere hits a Code Breaker for two but Social puts her away with the Social Disorder.

Well that was certainly the most unladylike match I’ve ever seen. I loved it! Quite a short bout but still really entertaining. Annie Social as a face is like Daffney and Awesome Kong in that role – acceptable but not natural. Some good spots and a great sequence of near-falls towards the end.

Winner: Annie Social at 4:15; 7.5/10

 7 – Queen Maya vs Sumie Sakai:

Queen Maya vs Sumie Sakai

This was billed as the American debut of Queen Maya who is an Italian wrestler standing at 6’2” and apparently is the tallest female wrestler in Europe. Sumie Sakai is an absolutely adorable girl from Japan who is also trained in MMA. She offered a handshake to Queen Maya who was reluctant at first but gave in after Sakai kept persisting. Then Sakai hilariously refused to let go of Maya’s hand and went straight into a wristlock from there. Maya mocked Sakai by offering a test of strength. Hilariously, Sakai got the ref to give her a boost and she stood on his back to lock hands with the Queen. She then convinces Maya to chase her around the arena and actually manages to trap the giant in a camel clutch. Maya takes control of the match with a big boot and properly starts to manhandle poor little Sumie Sakai. She hits a Samoan Drop but only gets two. Sakai gets some offence back as she climbs the ropes and lands a missile dropkick. She goes for a moonsault but Maya rolls out of the way. Sakai is able to kick out of the pin however. Maya goes for a chokeslam but Sakai counters into a victory roll for 2. Maya then hits a spinning side slam but that only gets 2 as well, crowd really into this one now. Maya goes for a kick in the turnbuckle but ends up splitting herself as Sakai dodges and then scores a small package to get the upset victory. Maya shakes hands with her afterwards but then chokeslams her instead.

Match of the night really. This is exactly my favourite type of match where you have a monster heel underestimating the lightweight underdog and the underdog ends up using hit-and-run moves and all sorts of tactics to try and score a win. A proper David vs Goliath story going on here and the crowd loved it. They didn’t make the mistakes that Missy Sampson and Luscious Latasha made and used a formula that worked. Queen Maya moves very well for someone so tall.

Winner: Sumie Sakai at 6:55; 8/10


Main Event – Christina Von Eerie vs Mia Yim:

Mia Yim vs Christina Von Eerie

This was originally billed as Von Eerie vs Cherry Bomb but obviously the card had to be changed and Mia Yim is a more than fitting replacement. I’ve only seen her in SHIMMER as a face but I’ve always felt she could be a proper badass heel especially in WWE, so it was good for me to see her work heel in this match. Christina Von Eerie is normally a lot more enthusiastic with the crowd but she seemed a little off tonight. She didn’t high five any fans in her entrance and she didn’t try to get them chanting at all during the match. So for the most part, the crowd were very pro-Mia as there was a small group of people that kept chanting “let’s go Mia!” throughout the match. Mia Yim offers a test of strength but Von Eerie ignores this and goes straight to a waistlock takeover. We see some good solid mat wrestling which is always a great way to start off a long match. We transition out of that as Von Eerie gets a crucifix sunset for two followed by a crossbody. Mia rakes her eyes and takes control, properly dominating with various effective looking strikes and a camel clutch. After what seems like an eternity Von Eerie hits a northern lights suplex but then Mia cuts her off with a single leg Boston Crab. She hits a cannonball press to Von Eerie in the corner and slaps on another camel clutch. She gets the first of many German Suplexes (this time a bridging one) for two. Von Eerie tries to comeback with a springboard crossbody but misses. However she is able to connect with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and this finally puts the crowd on her side. Fed up with Mia’s dirty tactics, she spits in her opponents face and connects with a jumping enziguri. For some reason she locks in a sleeper hold but Mia quickly escapes and hits her second German Suplex (release this time) for two. Von Eerie delivers an STO and then locks in a modified bow and arrow, tweaking Mia’s arm but her opponent makes it to the ropes. Von Erie ends up crotching herself on the ropes which allows Mia to hit a third German Suplex before scaling the top rope. She hits a beautiful Skytwister Press but Von Eerie moves out of the way and hits a unique looking move that the commentators referred to as a tilt-a-whirl gutwrench and that gets her the win.

Well the longest match of the evening, as the main event should be, though it didn’t quite reach the brilliance of the previous bout. The first part of the match was nice but it switched to Mia Yim in control and I feel there was just too much offence coming from her. Christina Von Eerie was just getting beaten up non-stop without fighting back for ages and that just caused a sag in the match. You can normally rely on her to get the crowd going but she didn’t do any of that tonight and if she did, it didn’t work because the “let’s go Mia!” chants were pretty consistent. However the match really picked up in the latter part with all the near-falls and back and forth action. Overall a solid main event to end a solid show.

Winner: Christina Von Eerie at 15:41; 7.5/10


So the debut show from BLOW was a solid card all around featuring some nice well known indie names such as Mia Yim, Luscious Latasha, Christina Von Eerie, Becky Bayless and Annie Social as well as some new talents that I personally haven’t seen much of or heard much of. It’s nice that they seem to be going for their own recognisable roster. The name of course is a bit off-putting but hey, it’s memorable and gets people talking. I’m looking forward to their next show anyway. Oh and just wondering, if you lose a match for this promotion, does that make you a BLOW jobber?

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