Roundtable – TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Predictions: Miss Tessmacher versus Tara for the Knockouts Championship
Posted on Saturday, October 13th, 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Predictions Miss Tessmacher  versus Tara

On the October 14, 2012, at TNA Bound for Glory 2012, Women’s Wrestling veteran Tara, will once again challenge Brooke Tessmacher (BIOGRAPHY), for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship. On September 9, 2012, at TNA No Surrender 2012, Miss Tessmacher defeated Tara, in a match that was billed a Student versus Teacher. Can Miss Tessmacher defeat Tara two pay-per-views in a row?

On the October 11, 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling (Impact Wrestling – 10/11/2012 Results), Tara has announced that her mystery “Hollywood boyfriend” will be at Bound for Glory. Will we see him get involved in the match? Whose Bound for Glory moment will this be?… Tara or Brooke Tessmacher?….

Here are predictions from Lethalwow.com Writers, and Lethalwow.com reader Paul…

Bobby Calloway: Now this is a first—a Bound For Glory Knockouts match where we can have only two possible winners. Before I get into my predictions, I want to say I love that TNA have treated this feud like a big deal. It has been built up as so much more than just the challenger wants title. It could be a really great match, if their previous match was any indication to go by.

I see this match being a lot more intense, and less technical than the previous one, seeing as Tara has officially turned heel. There’s going to be a lot of emotions involved, and it could be really exciting if it’s done right… I see Brooke Tessmacher retaining. She is once again still a fledgling champion and Tara is already a 4-time Knockouts Champion, so winning the title does not benefit her in any way. Who does she feud with then? Brooke still has a lot more to offer as champion, and a win over her former friend helps elevate her even more. Plus it’s a much better story if Brooke ultimately wins at Bound For Glory, since it’s a nice feel good ending. She overcomes the odds and all that. Now I don’t know if the TNA creative team wish to have the feud continue after the PPV, and if they do, then I don’t have a problem with that. I guess if Tara got the title at a later date then I wouldn’t be too sad either.

Eric Holt: I honestly see Brooke Tessmacher retaining the Knockouts Championship. Brooke did just win the Knockouts title back—not too long ago, and it would be nice if TNA could give her a lengthy title run, instead of playing hot potato with the title. Also, if Brooke wants to be taken even more seriously as champion, she needs to defeat a legit wrestler like Tara.

Kevin Werleman: TNA played a really hard game here, Brooke Tessmacher has gotten the upper-hand going into the match. She won her match, as well as getting the attack on Tara. But I feel her reign hasn’t been long enough to switch the title again. But, it is TNA’s pass the title around period, and this may be Tara’s last big break. However, I am leaning towards Brooke Tessmacher winning, so that’s my pick is Brooke Tessmacher.

Charlie: Brooke Tessmacher leaves champion… but I’m not sure she’s walking out. I’m expecting Tara to snap and obliterate poor Brooke. Tara gets DQed, and Brooke is carried out on a stretcher… leading to a No DQ match at the next Pay-Per-View.

Arron Carlton: I will be the odd man out, and bite the bullet of losing this one gracefully… Tara walks away a 5-Time Knockouts Champion.

After the October 11, 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling, with Miss Tessmacher getting the better of Tara, booking 101 suggests that Tara walks away Champion, and hell, Tara just signed a new one-year contract with TNA Wrestling. Wrestlers do seem to get pushed in TNA when their contracts are close to ending. I am for lengthy Championship reigns, but I would prefer Tara getting a Bound for Glory moment. Brooke has her entire career ahead of her.

TNA has done a great job for these past two weeks leading into the Pay-Per-View. Hopefully both women deliver in the match. Not to mention, it should be interesting to see who Tara’s Hollywood boyfriend turns out to be. Will he be revealed?… John Morrison? Eric Young? ummm.


Paul: This has been a very interesting feud, and now it has led to Student vs Teacher III. Personally, I love the storyline, and we saw Tara’s heel turn executed very well and she has gotten the better of the Knockouts Champion in the last few weeks, and has gotten on the nerve of Knockout Law Brooke Hogan. We also have this mystery boyfriend come into play. In which, at this point this feud, is relatively new and I would like this to keep going. I think our Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher will retain here, but expect these two to fight again in the near future.

TNA Bound for Glory 2012, will take place on October 14, 2012—at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, Live on Pay-Per-View.

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    Hey have a question Arron will i always be considered a guest panelist or will i eventually become a regular

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    Tisk Tisk… I win, lol. The only one to pick Tara as the winner.

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