WWE Divas – September 6, 2012 Superstars Results, Winter officially Gone from TNA Wrestling
Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012

WWE Divas September 6, 2012 Superstars Results, Winter officially Gone from TNA Wrestling

Winter (katie Lea) released from TNA WrestlingFor weeks, there has been rumors of TNA Knockout Winter‘s status in TNA Wrestling. Speculation began just after the release of Velvet Sky. It is now official, Winter (PROFILE & PICTURES), real name Katarina Waters is gone from the company. On September 6th, 2012, her official fan-site posted the following…

Just wanted to make an update and let everyone know Kat’s contract with TNA is officially up! Which means she is free to do DVDs, bookings, iPPVs, and whatever else! If interested please send emails to infamousbookings@hotmail.com. This is definitely not bad news, as she is now free to move onto bigger and better things! Good luck with whatever else you are pursuing Kat!!

—On the September 6, 2012 edition of WWE Superstars, Natalya faced WWE Divas Champion Layla once again…

WWE Divas – September 6, 2012 Superstars Match:
Natalya vs. Layla

—WWE Divas Champion was out first for this match, followed by Natalya. In another match in the series of Layla versus Natalya matches, there is really no questioning how this turned out… Layla hit one of her finishers (Roundhouse kick), to see Natalya job once again…

Winner(s): Layla at 4:18

Thoughts: Despite seeing Natalya jobbed for the 100th time, this was a good match. Very nice for the 4 minutes given. Still not a fan of Layla’s happy-go-lucky antics, but the match had its great moments.

  • Paul

    Great Divas Match on Superstars too bad Winter is gone i suspect Sarita and Rosita gone too soon and when Taeler Hendrix is not OVW Women’s Champ and goes on the back burner most likely she will leave as well

  • Bobby Calloway

    The shame is not that Winter has left but that TNA never used her to the full potential. She was champion twice and yet neither reign meant anything and her storyline just got dropped.
    I enjoyed the Superstars match, not as much as the last one. Layla’s dancing isn’t exactly my favourite thing to see but I’ll take it over your average smiling face who does nothing (*cough* Eve). Is there anyway she can show the sass she showed on Monday without coming across like a heel? And anyone wish Natalya would stop acting like a pantomime villain?

    • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

      Not for me…I have no issues with Natalya. The difference between seeing Layla walk down to the ring, as opposed to Natalya, is Natalya looked like a Champion in every sense. Her persona appeals to me, as opposed to Layla’s happy-go-lucky crap she has been doing. Natalya is the total package, too bad she is the Division’s new Jillian Hall.

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