WWE Divas – February 27, 2012 Raw Results: Eve defends her actions towards Zack Ryder and John Cena, Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella
Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

On the February 27, 2012 edition of WWE Raw, Kelly Kelly took on Nikki Bella. Eve Torres also justified her actions on last week’s edition of Raw, with an in-ring promo…

WWE Divas – February 27, 2012 Raw Match
Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly were seen in the ring for this match, as Micheal Cole talked about Kelly Kelly’s tweet earlier in the day, in response to Eve’s actions on last week’s Raw (WWE Divas – February 20, 2012 Raw Results). Kelly Kelly took Nikki down with a thesz press, followed by punches. Nikki was able to quickly turn the match in her favor with a knee to Kelly Kelly’s midsection. The finish saw Kelly Kelly hit a bulldog on Nikki, which led to a Bella switch attempt by Brie. Kelly Kelly instead hit a baseball slide on Brie–sending her flying off the apron, only to be rolled up by Nikki. Kelly Kelly was able to reverse the roll-up into a bridge for the win…

Winner(s): Kelly Kelly at 1:28

—Later on the show, a recap was seen of Eve Torres’s segment with The Bellas, where she revealed that she was using Zack Ryder, and going to use John Cena, as with the events that followed…

Eve Torres then made her way to the ring, justifying all her actions…

Thoughts: The Divas match was sort of pointless, it would have been great to instead see Beth Phoenix in a non-title match.

The booking with Eve was great, with her doing a pretty decent job in her promo. Eve does lack certain believability acting wise, but it is still great to see a Diva finally have a decent story line with character build.

It was also great to see some follow up with her friendship with Kelly Kelly.

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