WWE Divas – January 27, 2012 Smackdown Results: Natalya farts, and loses in a 6 second match. January 26, 2012 Superstars Match: Beth vs. Brie Bella
Posted on Saturday, January 28th, 2012

On the January 27, 2012 edition of WWE Smackdown, Natalya faced Aksana…

In a backstage segment, Aksana and Teddy Long were seen watching the ending of the Ted DiBiase versus Hunico match. Natalya then approached Teddy, asking for a match against Tamina. Teddy instead booked Natalya in a match against Aksana. As Natalya mouthed off to Aksana, she farted, in an awkward yet laugh out loud segment. Santino Marella‘s cameo was ridiculously funny…

WWE Divas – January 27, 2012 Smackdown Match:
Natalya vs. Aksana

—Later, Natalya was already in the ring for this match (given the jobber treatment yet again), followed by Aksana making her ring-entrance. Aksana was able to roll-up Natalya for a quick win…

Winner(s): Aksana in 6 seconds

After the match, Natalya attacked Aksana, and put her in the sharpshooter. Tamina then ran down to the ring, hitting Natalya with a Samoan Drop, followed by the Super Fly Splash.

Thoughts: In reality, the WWE’s treatment of Natalya is really nothing to laugh about. Natalya has become the new Jillian Hall. How can she recover from the countless looses and being booked as a joke? It is a shame to see someone with Natalya’s talent wasted week after week.

—One day prior—on the January 26, 2012 edition of WWE Superstars, WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix took on Brie Bella…

WWE Divas – January 26, 2012 Superstars Match:
Beth Phoenix vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

Winner(s): Beth Phoenix in 3 minutes

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