Top 25 Ranking of 2011 – #3: Madison Rayne, Tag Team Top 10 – #3: Angelina Love & Winter
Posted on Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Top 25 Ranking of 2011 – #3: Madison Rayne
Tag Team Top 10 of 2011 – #3: Angelina Love & Winter

Top 25 Ranking of 2011 – #3:
Madison Rayne

Ranked #03 in 2010
Ranked #17 in 2009

—This year, Madison Rayne returns to the #3 spot on Lethalwow.com’s Annual Top 25 Ranking…

Madison Rayne began 2011 as the reigning TNA Women’s Knockout Champion, with Mickie James chasing after the title. On January 9, 2011, live on TNA’s Genesis Pay-Per-View, Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James after hitting her with a loaded glove. Madison’s tag-team partner Tara was instrumental in distracting Mickie so Madison could pick up the underhanded win. The feud led to another Pay-Per-View bout… on February 13, 2011, at TNA Against All Odds, Madison was once again able to defeat Mickie James. This match was billed a Last Knockout Standing match. Madison Rayne then started a weekly open challenge on Impact Wrestling for her championship. In Madison’s open challenges, she defeated former Knockouts Champion ODB (February 24, 2011), Roxxi (March 10, 2011), and Alissa Flash (March 17, 2011)—big victories for the “Killer Queen”.

Madison’s cockiness soon got the better of her, and on April 17, 2011, at TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View, Madison Rayne lost the Women’s Knockout Championship to Mickie James in a steel cage Title vs. Hair match. Madison lost the belt in mere seconds. Madison Rayne‘s title reign lasted 188 Days, which was history making. She beat Awesome Kong by a few days, to become the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history. One month later, Madison was unable to regain the belt, in a rematch with Mickie James at TNA Sacrifice. The stipulation of the match saw Tara free from Madison Rayne’s control. This led to a brief feud between Madison and Tara, in which Tara was able to get the better of Madison. Madison then found herself at the bottom of the Knockouts Division.

In September 2011, Karen Jarrett was appointed Vice President of the Knockouts Division, and Madison aligned herself with Karen, which propelled her back into the spotlight. On the September 29, 2011 episode of Impact Wrestling, Madison defeated Tara, to earn a spot in a 4-Way match, for the Knockout Championship at Bound for Glory. Madison was unable to regain the Knockouts title at Bound for Glory (October 16, 2011); however, she was able to become Knockouts Tag-Team Champion 3 weeks later… On the November 3, 2011 edition of Impact Wrestling, Madison and Gail Kim defeated Tara and Brooke Tessmacher to become Knockouts Tag-Team Champions. Madison went on to help her Tag-Team partner Gail Kim become Knockouts Singles Champion, and assisted her in her Championship defenses.

Another highlight for Madison Rayne, was a return to Shimmer Wrestling in 2011 as “Ashley Lane.” Ashley returned on October 1, 2011, during the taping of Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 41. A brawl between Madison and her former tag-team partner Nevaeh took place.

Tag Team Top 10 of 2011 – #3:
Angelina Love & Winter

Angelina Love & Winter

—This year, the team of Angelina Love and Winter rank #3 on Lethalwow.com’s Tag Team Top 10 of 2011. In previous years, Angelina Love ranked #2 in 2010 and 2009 with Velvet Sky. The duo of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (The Beautiful People), were also named Tag-Team of the Year in 2008.

The unlikely team of Angelina Love and Winter began 2011 as TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions…. In late 2010, Winter came to TNA, stalking Angelina Love each week on Impact. On the December 23, 2010 edition of Impact, Angelina Love’s partner Velvet Sky could not wrestle in their Knockouts Tag-Team Championship match due to getting attacked by SaritaWinter seized the opportunity to insert herself into the match, and that night, Angelina Love and Winter became the new Knockouts Tag-Team Champions.

The bizarre pairing reigned 94 days as Knockouts Tag-Team Champions, losing the belts on March 13, 2011 at TNA’s Victory Road Pay-View, to Sarita and Rosita. The two inadvertently lost the belts due to Angelina Love’s former Tag-Team partner Velvet Sky. The two then went on to feud with Velvet. In the weeks that followed, Love and Winter feuded with Mickie James, which saw Winter become a two-time Knockouts singles Champion.

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