Top 25 Ranking of 2011 – #10: Cheerleader Melissa, Tag Team Top 10 – #10: The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio)
Posted on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Top 25 Ranking of 2011 – #10: Cheerleader Melissa
Tag Team Top 10 of 2011 – #10: Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio

Top 25 Ranking of 2011 – #10:
Cheerleader Melissa

Ranked #21 in 2010
Ranked #12 in 2009
Ranked #07 in 2008

—This year, Cheerleader Melissa returns to the Top 10 on Lethalwow.com’s Annual Top 25 Ranking—after a 2-Year absence. Becoming the 4th woman to hold the Shimmer Championship certainly had a lot to do with her moving up 11-spots from her 2010 Rank

Shimmer Champion Cheerleader MelissaWithout question, one of the biggest moments in Women’s Wrestling for 2011, was Cheerleader Melissa—real name Melissa Anderson—winning the Shimmer Championship. On October 2, 2011, at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois–at the taping of Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 44, Melissa defeated Madison Eagles, in a moment that has been years in the making. Certainly, Cheerleader Melissa’s name is synonymous with Shimmer Wrestling (ShimmerWrestling.com), and the wait to see her finally capture the Championship was worth it.

Cheerleader Melissa’s success in 2011 was not limited to Shimmer. Other highlights included defeating former Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde in her final match on February 5, 2011 (ChickFight and Pro Wrestling Revolution); taking her phenomenal skills to India (Ring Ka King), Taiwan (All Japan Pro Wrestling), and Canada (nCw Femmes Fatales); appearing in The Smashing Pumpkins’s “Owata” Music video, and more.

Her following among Internet Wrestling fans has not slowed down, and certainly contributed to the rank. 2011 accolades include being ranked #10 on Diva-Dirt.com‘s Women of the Year 2011; being ranked #6 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Female 50 2011; and more.

Cheerleader Melissa Photos by Gilda Pasquil.

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Tag Team Top 10 of 2011 – #10:
The Belle Saints
Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio

Ranked #4 in 2010

The Bella Saints

—This year, The Belle Saints fall 6 spots from their 2010 ranking. 2011 was a rough year for for the team of Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio—The two just could not seem to get on the same page (The Belle Saints’ future in question after losing the WSU Tag-Team Titles).

Jazz and Marti BelleThe Belle Saints went into 2011 with a WSU Tag-Team Championship match set for WSU’s 4th anniversary show, against the teams of Cindy Rogers & Amy Lee, and Jana and Latasha. On January 22, 2011 at WSU’s “The Final Chapter ” (DVD Review) pay-per-view, two Triple-Threat matches took place, with one member of each team. Tina and Marti were unable to pick up victories in their respective matches, making their opponents look strong going into the anniversary show Pay-Per-View. Days before the big match, a video surfaced of Tina San Antonio being attacked, leaving her injured—which left Marti Belle to defend the Championships on her own. On March 5, 2011, at WSU’s 4th Anniversary Show—which streamed live on Gofightlive.tv, Former 2-Time WWE Women’s Champion Jazz came to Marti Belle’s aid, in which they successfully defended the Titles. It was later ruled by Women Superstars Uncensored (WSUWrestling.com) that Tina San Antonio would be able to defend the Titles as well—under free bird rule. In the weeks that followed, the tension between Marti and Tina got the better of the team. On Friday, May 27, at Pro Wrestling Syndicate, The Belle Saints lost the WSU Tag-Team titles to The Boston Shore. A month later, The Belle Saints were unable to regain the titles, in their rematch at WSU’s Uncensored Rumble IV.

On November 19, 2011, Live on WSU’s “Breaking Barriers 2” online pay-per-view, The Belle Saints lost a WSU Tag-Team #1 contender match against the Soul Sisters (Jana and Latasha). It was revealed that Tina faked her injury prior to WSU’s anniversary show. The two are now set to face each other at WSU’s 5th anniversary show.

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