Melina released from WWE, Gail Kim asks for her Release… Thoughts
Posted on Friday, August 5th, 2011

Melina Perez and Gail Kim released

—WWE.com has announced that Melina has been released from the company. They posted the following headline…

WWE has come to terms on the release of Melina Perez as of today, August 5, 2011. WWE wishes Melina the best in all of her future endeavors.

Melina responded with the following Tweets:

In the next few days you will see many updates on the matter, so keep checking www.RealMelina.com I will definitely Blog & Vlog about it.

I’ve been through quite a bit of stuff in my life. I Overcame each time. I’ll never give up. Not now. I’ll Always fight & #StayStrong

Feel free to Tweet, write, call @WWE about how u feel about anything. You deserve to be heard regarding any matter. Strength in numbers.

Gail Kim on other hand posted on Twitter that she asked for her release on Monday…

Hey I just wanted every1 to know that I officially quit WWE on monday. So thank u wwe fans! This won’t be the last u see of me. Love u guys :)

Thoughts: This is bitter-sweet news… Melina and Gail Kim were undoubtedly two of the most talented athletes in the WWE; however, they have been criminally underutilized.

On Gail Kim… she asked for her release, and all we can do is support her decision. It is no secret, she has been misused for, well… since her return to WWE television in 2009. After a short lived feud with Michelle McCool, the WWE turned her into just another Diva. This was the same woman who had phenomenal matches with Kharma that put the Knockouts Division on the map—it was indeed sad seeing her job on a regular basic or escort Raw guest-hosts. Her reason for quitting has not been fully disclosed, but I am sure her misuse in the WWE contributed to it. It is sad that she never got the chance to showcase her talent in the WWE like she did in TNA. With Beth Phoenix now being pushed, would we have seen Gail Kim step up to the plate to take her on???… I suppose we will never know. Hopefully we get to see Kim back on Impact Wrestling kicking ass.

Melina on the other hand, well… she did not quit, she was fired. Based on her tweet on asking fans to contact the WWE, she is not happy about it—in contrast to Gail Kim. While this is sad, it is bitter-sweet… Melina has been jobbing in the past few months. Screw all the negative rumors we have heard about Melina… she is an amazing entertainer and it was a damn shame to see her jobbing to Kelly Kelly. Like with Gail Kim, it would be great to see Melina on Impact Wrestling in the future.

As a fan, it was painful to see how the WWE was booking Melina and Gail Kim. The paycut of getting to showcase their talent on Impact Wrestling is another story.

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