NWS/WSU J-Cup Tournament Results: Brittney Savage becomes #1 Contender
Posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

—On April 2, 2011, National Wrestling Superstars and Women Superstars Uncensored held their annual J-Cup Tournament… a tournament in which the winner earns of shot at the WSU Championship. This year’s Tournament saw former WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage defeat the current Spirit Champion Sassy Stephie, to earn a shot at WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez. It should be noted that Brittney picked up wins against Rick Cataldo, Cindy Rogers and Jana—All former “Cosmo Club” members. After winning the tournament, Brittney Savage wasted no time calling out Mercedes. Britteny will challenge Mercedes Martinez for the WSU Championship on June 25, 2011, live on GoFightLive.tv.

Here is the Full Results from the Tournament:

-Brittney Savage defeated Rick Cataldo

Round One:
-Jana defeated Marti Belle
-Jamilia Craft defeated Tina San Antonio
-Sassy Stephanie defeated Jennifer Cruz
-Brittney Savage defeated Cindy Rogers

Round Two:
-Sassy Stephanie defeated Jamilia Craft
-Brittney Savage defeated Jana

Open Challenge Match:
-Jessicka Havok defeated Nikki

WSU Championship Match:
Mercedes Martinez defeated Ariel

J-Cup Tournament Final:
-Brittney Savage defeated Sassy Stephie


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