DVD Review – WSU The Final Chapter: Match of the Year Candidate… Mercedes Martinez vs. Angel Orsini in a Ladder match, Roxxi and more
Posted on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

DVD Review: WSU The Final Chapter
Taped: January 22, 2011
Streamed Live: January 22, 2011


Featuring: Nikki Roxx aka Roxxi, Angel Orsini, Mercedes Martinez, Jessicka Havok, Alicia, Rick Cataldo, Brittney Savage, Sassy Stephie, Marti Belle, Jana, Cindy Rogers, Athena, Tina San Antonio, Amy Lee, Lexxus, “The Sugar Freak” Monique, Latasha, Niya, Allysin Kay, Jamailia Craft, Amber and Jennifer Cruz.

Matches on this DVD:

  • Niya vs. Athena (8:24)
  • Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) vs Jennifer Cruz & “The Sugar Freak” Monique (6:37)
  • Triple Threat Match: Tina San Antonio vs. Amy Lee vs. Latasha (5:41)
  • Jamilia Craft vs. Allysin Kay (5:03)
  • Triple Threat Match: Marti Belle vs. Cindy Rogers vs. Jana (6:08)
  • Alicia & Sassy Stephie vs Rick Cataldo & WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage (13:40)
  • Uncensored Rules: Jessicka Havok vs. Nikki Roxx (aka Roxxi) (13:08)
  • WSU World Championship: Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. Angel Orsini (c) (38:39)

(Photos By Snapmare.com)

On January 22, 2011, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) had their second Internet Pay-Per-View. This time, eight matches streamed live on GoFightLive.tv, and featured the epic main event of Mercedes Martinez vs. Angel Orsini in a near 40-minute ladder match. Other highlights were Jessicka Havok vs. Nikki Roxx in a brutal Uncensored Rules match, and the WSU debuts of Athena and Allysin Kay.

Match Of The DVD: Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. Angel Orsini(c)
In a must-see match, was WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. All Guts, No Glory Champ Angel Orsini(c) in a ladder match. The match saw Mercedes Martinez hit a fisherman suplex off the top of a ladder, leading to her victory. The win unified the championships, and produced a contender for 2011 Match of the year.

WSU “The Final Chapter,” began with a video package which highlighted the storied history between WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez and WSU All Guts, No Glory Champion Angel Orsini.

After the video package, WSU ring announcer Destiny was seen in the ring, who introduced WSU “Uncensored” host and commentator Rob Sternberg. Angel Orsini and Mercedes Martinez then joined them in the ring, where both ladies hung their respective titles above the ring. This intro was done very well, putting emphasize on the show’s Main Event.

Match Number 1:
Athena vs. Niya

Athena (Lethalwow.com Interview) made her way to the ring first for this match. Out next was Niya, who was kicked in the chest before the bell as she entered the ring. This match was very back and fort, with Niya picking up the win after 8-minutes, with a brutal looking TKO (Very nice selling from Athena).

This was a nice opening match, with the ladies having great chemistry. Very nice offense and counters by the ladies, who told a story of being equally matched throughout the bout. Athena was a great heel, and despite the loss, it was a great debut match for her in WSU. Future matches between the two would definitely be a good thing.

Winner: Niya at 8:24

Up next was a segment which started as Sassy Stephie cutting a promo on her tag-team match with Alicia against Rick Cataldo and WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage. It wasn’t long before the two confronted Stephie, who were later joined by Cosmo Club members Cindy Rogers and Amy Lee. The intimidation did not work very well when Stephanie’s tag team partner Alicia made her way backstage, with some choice work for The Cosmo Club. (Parts of this segment did not come off too well timing wise, and would have been better suited if WSU stuck to basic promos with these ladies, as oppose to the interaction.)

Match Number 2
The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) vs Jennifer Cruz & “The Sugar Freak” Monique

—Jennifer Cruz & “The Sugar Freak” Monique were out first for the match, with Cruz not being happy with being teamed up with Monique, who both suffered defeat at the hands of The Belle Saints on December 11, 2010. The Boston Shore made their entrance next, with Cruz and Amber starting the match for their teams. The match was essentially Amber and Lexxus taking turns working over Cruz, with a hot tag to Monique towards the end of it. Despite Monique’s offense, an enziguri from Amber, followed by a senton from Lexxus left her down for the count.

Nothing memorable here, it could have been with more Lexxus and less Amber, as Lexxus is the more compelling of the two in the ring. The match could have been shorter and still do its job of keeping The Boston Shore relevant in the tag team division.

Winner: The Boston Shore at 6:37

After the match, Amber got on the mic, talking smack about Traci Brooks and April Hunter in anticipation of taking them on at WSU’s 4th anniversary show.

Up next was video highlights of The Belle Saints at “The Final Chapter” iPPV pre-show party. Nicely done, which was a nice touch leading into the next match…

Match Number 3:
Triple Threat Match
Tina San Antonio vs. Amy Lee vs. Latasha

—”Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee of “The Cosmo Club” made her way to the ring first, followed by one-half of the Soul Sisters Latasha. Out last for the match, was one-half of the WSU Tag Team Champions Tina San Antonio. During Tina’s entrance, Latasha attacked Amy Lee; however, she retaliated with a vicious right arm taking Latasha down. As Amy choked Latasha, Tina jumped right in, continuously smashing Amy’s head into the mat. It was not long before Amy’s size came into play—taking control of the match, with vicious offense to Tina and Latasha. Eventually, Tina and Latasha were able to get on the same page with some nice double teaming on Amy. However, dissension was inevitable when it came down to who was going to pin Amy. While arguing, Amy took out both Tina and Latasha with a double axe handle smash. She preceded to throw Latasha out the ring, then hit a choke-slam Tina, followed by a splash for the win.

Winner: “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee at 5:41

Thoughts: This was a very good match, which was booked right. It is always annoying in Triple Threat Matches or 4-Ways, when a wrestler gets thrown out of the ring, and takes vacation recovering—this match did not do that. With Amy’s size, having Tina or Latasha layed out recovering was just very believable. This match did its job of setting up Amy Lee is a threat going into the WSU Tag Team Titles match at WSU’s 4th anniversary show.

Match Number 4:
Jamilia Craft vs. Allysin Kay

—The second debut of the Internet Pay Per View was Allysin Kay, who made her way to the ring first for this match. Jamilia Craft was out to the ring next. The finish of the match saw Jamilia kick Allysin to the face, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex for the win.

Winner: Jamilia Craft at 5:03

After the match, Jennifer Cruz attacked Jamilia Craft, wishing her luck in her match against her at WSU’s 4th anniversary show.

THOUGHTS: This was another good match, which showcased Jamilia Craft’s great in-ring work. Jamilia really is deserving of all the praise she has been getting from the wrestling community for being at the level she is at, for such a short time as a wrestler.

As for Jennifer Cruz, she was definitely convincing on the mic; however, she was not booked very strong earlier in the show.

Up Next, was an excerpt from WSU Uncensored #11, featuring Jessicka Havok.

Match Number 5:
Triple Threat Match
Marti Belle vs. Cindy Rogers vs. Jana

Cindy Rogers, representing “The Cosmo Club” was out first for the match, followed by Soul Sister Jana. One-half of the WSU Tag Team Champions Marti Belle was out to the ring last. The start of the match saw Jana and Marti team up against Cindy Rogers. The middle of the match saw Cindy dominate Marti, while consistently knocking Jana off the apron to ringside, as she consistently tried to get back into the match. Jana eventually learned her lesson, hitting Cindy with a three forearms, giving Marti the opening to slam Cindy backwards onto the mat. This took Cindy out of the match, giving Jana the opening to get her Jana Vice on Marti, who tapped out.

Winner: Jana at 6:08

After the match, Cindy Rogers and Amy Lee attacked Jana and Marti Belle. Tina and Latasha then ran Cindy and Amy out of the ring. Amy then got on the mic—awesome as always. Jana then got on the mic, with a few choice words of her own. A brawl between Amy and Jana almost broke out (Very entertaining stuff here), and next were the Belle Saints on the mic, challenging the other teams to an Uncensored Rules match at the 4th anniversary show.

Thoughts: This match was not booked as well as the first triple threat match, with Marti looking green at times mixing it up Cindy and Jana. Which is why it was good that she played the underdog on the defense in the match.

The post-match interaction between the ladies was gold, which absolutely did a great job of setting up the Triple Threat Tag team match at WSU’s 4th anniversary show. Amy Lee, Jana, Cindy, Marti and Tina are all great talkers, so this made for an excellent segment. After both tag team matches, Amy Lee & Cindy Rogers looked the strongest going into the 4th anniversary show, and certainly are the fan favorites among the fans at the ACE arena, despite being heels.

Match Number 6:
Alicia & Sassy Stephie vs. Rick Cataldo & WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage

—WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage and Rick Cataldo made their way to the ring first for this match. Alicia and Sassy Stephie were then out next. Rick Cataldo and Sassy Stephie began the match, with Rick and Brittney later taking turns working over Stephie, and later Alicia. The end saw Stephie get a hot tag, and eventually pick up the win with her “kiss my sass” finisher on Rick.

Winner: Alicia & Sassy Stephie at 13:40

Thoughts: This match went way too long, and was nothing spectacular for an upper card match. It left too much to be desired. A match that did warrant the time given was Jessicka Havok vs. Nikki Roxx…

Match Number 7:
Jessicka Havok vs. Nikki Roxx

Jessicka Havok came out to the ring first for this match, followed by Nikki Roxx, who ran into the ring. Jessicka Havok greeted her with vicious kicks and forearms. Nikki returned the favor with hard hitting offense of her own. The match spilled unto ringside, then into the seating area. This was vicious and hard-hitting, with the ladies taking turns brutalizing each other. The finish of the match saw Jessicka roll out of an ankle lock… Nikki then attempted to hit her finisher on Jessicka; however, she countered the Barbie crusher for the win.

Winner: Jessicka Havok at 13:08

After the match, Jessicka Havok got on the mic, with some words for Rain, who she takes on at WSU’s 4th anniversary show. She noted that after she beats Rain, she is going after the WSU Championship.

Thoughts: Amazing job by both women, which is a must see. Great job by WSU, building up Jessicka as a world championship contender. Jessicka certainly put on an excellent match against Nikki, and there is no doubt that if she faces Mercedes, the match should be excellent as well.

Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini were then shown backstage, getting ready for their big match…

Match Number 8 – Main Event:
WSU World Championship/All guts, No Glory Championship
Ladder Match
Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. Angel Orsini

—All guts, No Glory Championship Angel Orsini made her way to the ring first, followed by WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez. The match began with both ladies going to ringside to grab ladders. Mercedes however got back into the ring, and drop-kicked the ladder that Angel was attempting to place into the ring. Mercedes then grabbed the ladder, attempting to pull it into the ring; however, Angel shoved the ladder into Mercedes, which flipped her into the ring. In the ring, Angel then hit Mercedes with forearms to the back, and then slammed her face first into the ladder. Angel then placed the ladder on top of Martinez’s left shoulder, and preceded with stomps. Angel then hit a body slam on Mercedes, followed by a leg drop. Angel then got a head scissors on Mercedes. Nice start of the match.

Mercedes was able to power out of the the head scissors, and they went back and fort for a bit. Angel set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and began to climb; however, Mercdes suplexed Angel off the ladder, followed by hitting the 3 amigas. Mercedes then brought another later in the ring, setting in on the top ropes. Later, Angel put Mercedes on her shoulder, attempting to send Mercedes into the ladder on the top ropes. Mercedes however counted, sending Angel face first into the ladder, Mercedes then brought chairs into the ring, choking Angel with one of them. The next exchange saw Angel monkey flip Angel into a ladder, followed by a camel clutch to wear down Mercedes. Later, Angel thew Mercedes to ringside, and proceeded to choke her out with a bullrope to wear her down even more. Back on the ring, Angel choked Mercedes out with a kendo stick, as she talked smack in to the camera. Angel attempted to send Mercedes into a ladder, however, Mercedes reversed it, hitting a spine buster on Angel into the ladder. She then beat Angel at ringside with a kendo stick, and then gave Angel a dose of her own medicine by choking her out with it. Mercedes the whipped Angel over the guardrail unto a chair, and they fought in the audience seating area. Back in the ring, Angel was the aggressor, taking control with a sleeper hold. She then scoop slammed Mercedes unto a ladder, and hit a springboard moonsault from the middle ropes unto Mercedes on the ladder. Angel then went for a top rope moonsault, in which Mercedes moved out of the way. Angel was then in trouble, as Mercedes whipped her into a ladder. Approaching the 20 minute mark, Mercedes wore Angel down with a chair, and then hit a DDT unto the steal chair.

The match once again spilled into the audience seating area, giving Angel the opportunity to gain the advantage. Angel then set up a ladder horizontally across the apron and guardrail; however, she was the victim of a fisherman buster unto a chair. Mercedes then placed Angel across the ladder, and hit a a top rope cross body on Angel…awch! Mercedes then made her first attempt to go for the belts. Angel then made her way to the ring, dragging Mercedes off the ladder. Angel then set up another ladder, and attempted to reach the titles. Mercedes then climbed the second ladder, and Angel hit a Flatliner off the ladders on Mercedes…brutal. Approaching the 30-minute mark, Angel hit a sit-out powerbomb on Mercedes off a ladder.

Later, both ladies climbed the ladder once again, this time, Mercedes hit a vicious neckbreaker on Angel off the ladders. Mercedes then reached for the belts; however, Angel pushed the ladder from under Mercedes, leaving her dangling in mid-air. Angel then climbed the second ladder, and tackled Mercedes in mid-air, which was not an easy landing.

After recovering, what followed was a Fisherman buster from Mercedes to Angel off of a ladder. Mercedes then dragged Angel to the middle of the ring, and put a ladder over her. She then climbed the ladder, taking down both the WSU World Title, and the All Guts, No Glory Championship for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez at 38:39

After the match, Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini shook hands and then hugged as the fans applauded them for their effort. Mercedes Martinez then got on the microphone, telling Angel that she gives her utmost respect. Angel then got on the microphone, showing Mercedes as much respect. Mercedes then had a few words for her challenger at the 4th anniversary show Serena Deeb. Alicia then made her way to the ring, with her contract, saying that she can challenge any champion at anytime she wanted and that she would cash in on the contract on March 5th at the anniversary show.

Thoughts: At WSU’s first Internet Pay Per View (REVIEW), we saw Martinez’s technical prowess when she took on Jazz in a 20 minute match. This was a totally different side of Mercedes, proving that she is the most versatile woman in Women’s Wrestling today. Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini brutalized each other, pushing both their bodies to the limit. These women deserve every bit of praise for their phenomenal performance in this match. Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini gained Lethalwow.com’s Match of the Year in 2009, for their Iron Man Match. With this performance, they are most certainly in the running for 2011 Match of the Year.

The exchange between Mercedes and Angel was a nicely done. It was a great exclamation point to the long feud, and frankly, Alicia was not needed at the end of such a great moment.

Final Words: WSU “The Final Chapter,” like with the first internet pay-per-view DVD, comes in two versions. The regular version has all the matches reviewed above. The deluxe edition (costing $14.99) on the other hand, comes with bonus matches: The Belle Saints vs. Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo, Kristin Astara vs. Niya, as well as “never before seen backstage footage.” Frankly, the regular version is the better bargain.

Overall, “The Final Chapter” was a great show. The main event alone is worth the purchase, with a very good supporting card. The show also did a great job setting up for WSU’s 4th anniversary show on IPPV. The video can be purchased at www.doivideo.com for $9.99.

Lethalwow.com caught up with Mecedes Martinez and Angel Orsini after their epic match.

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