DVD Review: WSU’s iPPV Debut… Featuring Serena Deeb, Jazz, ODB, Tracy Brooks, Angel Orsini and more, as they “Breaking Barriers.”
Posted on Saturday, January 1st, 2011

DVD Review: WSU Breaking Barriers
Taped: November 6, 2010
Streamed Live: November 6, 2010


Featuring: ODB, Traci Brooks, Angeli Orsini, Marti Belle, Mercedes Martinez, Tina San Antonio, Rain, Jana, Alicia, Cindy Rogers, Jazz, Rick Cataldo, Jessicka Havok, Brittney Savage, Sassy Stephie, Brittany Force, Portia Perez, Amy Lee, Jamailia Craft, Homicide, Amber and Jennifer Cruz.

Matches on this DVD:

  • Amber vs. Brittany Force (4:21)
  • Melissa Coates vs. Jennifer Cruz (2:39)
  • WSU Spirit Championship: Brittney Savage(c) vs. Sassy Stephanie (7:00)
  • WSU Tag Team Championship: Jana & Cindy Rogers vs. The Belle Saints (6:54)
  • Portia Perez vs. ODB (5:21)
  • Rain vs. Jamilia Craft (3:32)
  • “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee vs. Jessicka Havok (6:58)
  • Traci Brooks vs. Serena Deeb (5:49)
  • All Guts, No Glory Championship: Angel Orsini vs. Alicia (12:25)
  • WSU World Championship: Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. Jazz (20:59)

(Photos By Snapmare.com)

On November 6, 2010, Women Superstars Uncensored made history, as they made their Internet Pay-Per-View debut. Ten matches streamed live on GoFightLive.tv, a huge step in the right direction for Women’s Wrestling. Among the matched streamed was WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez defeating Former 2-Time WWE Champion Jazz to retain the WSU title, All Guts, No Glory Champion Angel Orsini defeating first-ever WSU Champion Alicia to retain the belt, and The Belle Saints becoming WSU Tag Team Champions.

The matches on the second half of the card were definitely better that the first half. But overall, the DVD did a great job setting up its succeeding DVD…”Martinez/Rain II.” DVDS which should be viewed back-to-back.

Match Of The DVD: Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. Jazz
Like with most WSU shows, the main event delivered the match of the night. This is the match to watch the DVD for. Two of the best female wrestlers of our generation. Two versatile wrestlers, who could go at it in any style of wrestling, instead showcased their technical prowess.

The DVD kicked off with Homicide making his way to the ring, and introduced the entire WSU roster (with the exception of Mercedes), who all surrounded the ring. After some verbal spewing between Homicide and Amy Lee, WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez then made her way to the ring. Homicide then announced that he wanted to team up with Mercedes Martinez for the 2011 NWS/WSU King & Queen Tournament. Homicide continued with putting over the entire WSU roster.

Rick Cataldo and the rest of the Cosmo Club entered the ring, putting a damper on things. Rick called Mercedes overrated and continued by saying that Homicide should be called “Homo-cide.” Rick then hit Homicide’s cap off of his head. Homicide retaliated by laying out Cataldo with a Gringo Cutter. The Cosmo Club then took Rick Cataldo backstage.

PWI editor Jeff Ruoss then came out to the ring, and awarded Mercedes a plaque as WSU Woman of the Year. During Martinez’s speech, she noted her Iron Man match, which cued Angel Orsini to come to the ring. Orsini threatened Jeff Ruoss, forcing WSU’s hand to sanction her All Guts, No Glory Championship.

Jazz then hit the ring, wanting to have the Main Event immediately. A brawl between Mercedes and Jazz then broke out, and the women had to be separated by the roster.

THOUGHTS: This was a jam packed intro for the the DVD, which could have easily been a clusterfuck; however, it was not. This was thoroughly entertaining, and most importantly, the segment ended with putting emphasize on the main event. Kudos to Rick Cataldo who is always one of the most entertaining performers in WSU. Rick’s interaction with Homicide was pour gold, and Jazz’s intensity of wanting to win the WSU Championship was felt.

Match Number 1:
Amber vs. Brittany Force

—Brittney Force was introduced first for the match, followed by Boston Shore’s Amber.

The heel of the match—Amber, dominated throughout. Force was able to come out with a burst of offense; however, Amber stopped her in her tracks with an enziguri for the win.

This was not a must see match by any means; however, the match did its job with establishing Amber as a viable opponent for Traci Brooks—a match which can be seen on Martinez/Rain II. Amber would be seen later on the DVD, getting involved in Traci Brooks’ match against Serena.

Winner: Amber at 4:21

The Cosmo Club—Spirit Champion Brittney Savage, Rick Cataldo (with a neck brace), and Tag Team Champions Jana and Cindy Rogers made their way to the ring. Brittney Savage introduced Melissa Coates as the latest member of The Cosmo Club, who would be working as a bodyguard. Jennifer Cruz made her way to the ring as Melissa’s opponent. Match Number 2 saw Melissa Coates defeat Jennifer Cruz at 2:39. Melissa Coates made short work of Cruz with a Choke Slam. This was the weakest match of the card, but it did a good job setting up the matches that followed…

Back in the ring, Brittney Savage celebrated The Cosmo Club’s win, saying that they were going to make it 2-0 with her Spirit Championship match. Her opponent Sassy Stephie then made her way to the ring for the match…

Match Number 3:
WSU Spirit Championship

Brittney Savage(c) vs. Sassy Stephanie

—In this match, the numbers game was too much for Sassy Stephie. The Finish saw Stephie hit her “Kiss my Sass” finisher and make the cover. The referee was instead distracted by Jana and Cindy, giving Melissa Coates the opportunity to hit a choke slam on Sassy. Rick Cataldo them dragged Brittney over Sassy for the win.

Winner: Brittney Savage at 7:00

Back in the ring, Brittney Savage celebrated, saying that Jana & Cindy “better win” in their tag team match, so that The Cosmo Club would be undefeated. A cocky Jana grabbed the microphone, telling the rest of the Cosmo Club to go backstage, because beating The Belle Saints would be a piece of cake. After The rest of The Cosmo Club went backstage, The Belle Saints made their entrance.

Match Number 4:
WSU Tag Team Championship

Jana & Cindy Rogers(c) vs. The Belle Saints

—Marti and Tina surprisingly got most of the offense in the beginning of this match against veterans Cindy and Jana. Cindy and Jana were able to slow the match down, suppressing the offense of The Belle Saints towards the end, by cutting of the ring with Tina San Antonio. Marti Belle got the hot tag. Marti was able to get a backslide on Cindy Rogers for the win.

Winner: The Belle Saints at 6:54

After the match, Jana and Cindy Rogers got into an argument, which turned into a shoving match.

THOUGHTS: Matches Two through Four had a very nice arch. The build to The Belle Saints’ victory was very well written. And while The Belle Saints are in the history books as WSU Tag Team Champions, the match was not exactly memorable. Not so much the performance by the wrestlers, but how the match was booked. Cindy Rogers and Jana have been in the business for years, and their styles, and wrestling prowess in the ring is well known to any Women’s Wrestling fan. The match came of as too easy for The Saints, who were the rookies in the scenario. It should have been very much more of a battle for the ladies.

Still, The Belle Saints are a great team, and should be doing great things in the future.

Match Number 5:
Portia Perez vs. ODB

—Portia Perez made her way out to the ring first for the match, followed by ODB. There was a few verbal exchanges between the two before ODB knocked Portia down on her rear. The finish saw ODB hit her Running powerslam for the win.

Winner: ODB at 5:21

THOUGHTS: Very entertaining match. The verbal exchanges could have been pour gold at the beginning of the match if it was fully audible. Like with the the Tag Team match, this was almost too easy for ODB, considering Portia Perez was the same woman that took on WSU champion Mercedes Martinez in a 24minute match. Both ladies went on to compette in a WSU Championship #1 contender match on the Martinez/Rain II DVD.

Match Number 6:
Rain vs. Jamilia Craft

—Jessicka Havok accompanied Rain to the ring. Rain got on the microphone stating that she needed to regroup her army. Rain got straight into it, with words for Martinez, and stated that this match was a warm up match for her match with Mercedes Martinez. Jamilia Craft then match her entrance. The match served its purpose of being a warm up match for Rain. Jamilia Craft is off to a great start in her career.

Winner: Rain at 3:32

Match Number 7:
Amy Lee vs. Jessicka Havok

—Rain left, leaving Jessicka Havok on the mic. Jessicka then challenged Amy Lee to a match. This match was an all out brawl, as should be expected.

Winner: Jessicka Havok at 6:58

Thoughts: Pushing Jessicka Havok is undoubtedly a smart move by WSU. This girl has a bright future, and without-a-doubt should end up in TNA or the WWE in the future. Her time as a Tag Team wrestler in WSU was great, and now, it should be interesting to see how she progresses. This was a believable win, which has to be done right, with an athlete the size of Amy Lee.

Match Number 8:
Traci Brooks vs. Serena Deeb

—Traci Brooks made her way out to the ring first for the match. Serena then made her way to the ring, and got on the microphone to address Traci and the fans. It became clear that Serena was a heel in WSU, saying that she did not need any validation from the fans. She then had some choice words for WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez. The ending of this match saw Amber get up on the apron. This served as a distraction, causing Traci to walk right into a spear from Serena.

Winner: Serena Deeb at 5:49

Thoughts: Great performance by Traci and Serena. The ladies worked very well together. On of the better matches of the show. Traci brooks certainly does not get enough credit, and Serena was flawless. This match was a good debut for Serena in WSU, and set up Amber vs. Traci Brooks for Martinez/Rain II.

Match Number 9:
All Guts, No Glory Championship
Angel Orsini vs. Alicia

—Alicia was out first for the match, followed by All Guts, No Glory Champion Angel Orsini. This match was very back and fort, with Angel Orsini bring a table in the match after the 10-minute mark. Alicia ended up goring Angel through the table; however, Angel kicked out. Alicia attempted to hit a move on Angel on top of the door; however, Angel countered into her Kiss of Death finisher.

Winner: Angel Orsini at 12:25

Match Number 10:
WSU World Championship
Mercedes Martinez(c) vs. Jazz

—Jazz came out to the ring first—great entrance music!. WSU Champion Mercedes made her entrance next. The first seven minutes of the match was mat based, which escalated into hard-hitting exchanges. Towards the end of the match, Jazz took apart Martinez’s legs and left shoulder; however, Martinez was able to pull out her Finisher-man suplex finisher out of no where when it seemed as if Jazz was closing in for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez at 20:59

Thoughts: Seriously!… This was Jazz vs. Mercedes Martinez!… only excellence could have been the outcome. Amazing technical match by these two amazing athletes. No match on the card came close to the work Jazz and Mercedes put in… it was the main event after all. This was a great win to add to Martinez’s stellar WSU Title reign.

After the match, Rain came out to the ring with a microphone to confront Mercedes Martinez. She challenged Mercedes to an “I Quit” match, in which she accept.

Final Words: WSU “Breaking Barriers” comes in two versions. The regular version comes with two bonus mates; Mercedes Martinez vs. Jana vs. Cindy Rogers for the WSU championship, and Brittney Savage vs. Niya for the Spirit Championship. The deluxe edition on the other hand has Awesome Kong vs. Mercedes Martinez from Evolve, and Angel Orsini vs. Tina San Antonio, and Angel vs. Marti Belle.

Overall, great story telling and booking, with a few matches that could have been better. This show set up the next very well. The camera work for Evolve: Awesome Kong vs. Mercedes Martinez was very nice, something WSU needs to strive for… better production. The only thing that needs to happen to take the promotion to the next level.

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