WWE Divas – October 14, 2010 Superstars Results, Wrestlicious to be featured on TLC & MTV2 negotiations
Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2010

—On the October 14, 2010 edition of WWE Superstars, fans were treated to two Divas matches. The first saw Kelly Kelly defeat self-professed “Co-Unified Divas Champion” Layla with a roll-up. Layla was accompanied by Michelle McCool, and Kelly Kelly was accompanied by Natalya, who provided interference—tripping Layla on the apron, which distracted Layla long enough for Kelly Kelly to sneak a win.

In the main event of the show, former WWE Divas champion Melina defeated NXT Pro Alicia Fox, who was accompanied by her NXT rookie Maxine (Karlee Leilani Perez).

Pwinsider.com has reported that Jay Vargas, owner of Wrestlicious, will be featured on TLC’s “How The Lottery Changed My Life” on October 21. It was also reported that Wreslicious is in talks with MTV2…

Jay Vargas, the Powerball winner who turned part of his fortune into the Wrestlicious series, will be profiled on TLC’s “How The Lottery Changed My Life” on 10/21 at 9 PM. The episode, which was filmed last summer, will feature a number of Wrestlicious personalities including Felony (Rain), Lunch Lady Gert (Lexi Fyfe), Emo Leigh (Leva Bates) Charlotte the Southern Belle (Amber O’Neal) and Rhonda The BeBop.
Interesting to note that the most recent episode of Wrestlicious has not, to date, aired on MavTV. One source noted that MavTV was unhappy with the production and lighting of the episode, which was filmed at a house show in Minnesota, as opposed to a full fledged studio shoot.

I independently confirmed that MTV2 has had discussions with Wrestlicious as Jimmy Hart noted during a radio interview yesterday. There is at least one other female-based promotion that also had preliminary talks with the network in recent months.

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