TNA Knockouts – October 14, 2010 Impact Recap: Jersey Shore’s JWOWW catfight with Cookie, Madison Rayne becomes a 3-Time Knockouts Champion
Posted on Thursday, October 14th, 2010

On the October 14, 2010 edition of TNA Impact, Madison Rayne became the new TNA Women’s Knockout Champion, and Jersey Shore’s JWOW made her much talked about appearance, getting into a catfight with Cookie (Becky Bayless).

TNA Knockouts – October 14, 2010 Impact Match:
TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Tara(c) vs. Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne made her way to the ring with a referee, as the commentators went over Bound for Glory’s Knockouts Championship match, where Tara won the title. An upset Madison got on the microphone demanding that Tara come out to the ring and “Do the right thing”…

Tara made her way to the ring, and Madison went over why Tara “owed” her—Bringing her back to TNA after losing to her in a title-vs-career match at TNA Sacrifice. The bell rang for the match, and Tara laid down and let Madison cover her for the win…NEW TNA Women’s Knockout Champion! Madison Rayne. The music of Mickie James hits, and she cuts Madison’s celebration short, saying that she found what she witnessed disgraceful, and that they made a mockery of the championship. Mickie James went after Madison; however, she shoved Tara into Mickie. Mickie hit a Roundhouse kick to Tara, sending her outside of the ring, as Madison retreated.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Thoughts: Despite another pointless TNA Knockout’s Championship reign—The shortest in the history of the title—the segment was done very well… it was entertaining. All three women—Madison Rayne, Tara, and Mickie James excelled with the material they were given. It was great to see Madison Rayne without “The Beautiful People” brand, carrying an entire segment. Mickie James on the other hand—like last week—was great on on the mic. Although we are not getting the quality matches from the Knockouts that we should be seeing, it is great that we can still be entertained.

TNA Knockouts – October 14, 2010 Impact Segment:
Cookie, Robbie E, JWOWW & The Beautiful People

Earlier on the show, Jersey Shore’s JWOWW (Jenni Farley) was shown driving into the arena. JWOWW was later shown entering the TNA Knockouts locker room, asking The Beautiful People if they knew Cookie (Profile), who was talking “shit” about her. The Beautiful People then accompanied her on her quest to find Cookie. When the ladies finally met face-to-face in the ring, a catfight was in order…

Thoughts: TNA has been highly criticized in the past few days, for reportedly paying Jwoww $15,000 for this appearance… At least she was not horrible. From the perspective of someone seeing her for the first time, she played her part well in backstage segments. As for the catfight, we’ve seen worse from actual workers. At the end of the day, when the ratings are in, we will know if it was worth it.

—Also on the show, was Miss Tessmacher (Brooke Adams) being fired as Eric Bischoff’s assistance and manager of the Knockouts. She was given the option to become a wrestler. It is a shame though, as she showed potential in her role as Knockouts enforcer. It should be interesting to see if she can go in the ring.

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