TNA Knockouts Lock Box Showdown draws high ratings, with a Lacey Von Erich striptease and more, but at what cost?
Posted on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Lacey Von Erich

The events involving the Knockouts had the women of wrestling internet community typing away in the last couple of days. While the TNA Knockouts finally got significant TV time like the good old days (2008-2009), it was with a cost. This cost was taking away credibility from the Division, in a desperate attempt for good ratings—after all—last week’s Impact had horrendous viewership. Did the end justify the means? Because at the end of the day, the Knockouts segments were the highest viewed quarters of the night.

On the April 5, 2010 edition of Impact, The TNA Knockouts competed in a Lock Box Showdown (See: April 5, 2010 – Raw & Impact report). In the 8-Women elimination tag team match, 4 women won keys to boxes (

target=”blank”>Youtube Link to the match). In the boxes contained 1)A Contract to wrestle anyone under any stipulations, 2)Tara’s pet spider (Poison), 3)The TNA Knockout Women’s Title, and 4)The mandate to do a striptease for the TNA fans. To make this short, Velvet Sky won the contract, Tara regained her spider, Angelina Love won the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship, and Daffney had to perform the striptease (In which Lacey Von Eric did instead). The segment closed Impact—in all its senselessness—What a mighty fall from Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong in the Impact main event for the Knockouts title.

The show opened with a Knockouts segment promoting the Lock Box Showdown match, and throughout the entire show. The striptease was mostly emphasized, in the most blatant way possible, with Lacey Von Erich expressing her intentions of wanting to show her goodies. With that said, here was the ratings break down for the show…

Q1: 0.87 rating – Christy Hemme explains the rules of the Knockouts match, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Team Flair, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam in-ring segment

Q2: 0.85 rating – Continuation of the opening segment, RVD vs. James Storm

Q3: 0.98 rating - Jeff Hardy saves RVD, Robert Roode attacks Hardy, Hemme interviews the Knockouts, Rob Terry vs. Homicide, Knockouts lockbox challenge

Q4: 0.93 rating – Lockbox challenge continuation
, Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle ladder match

Q5: 0.81 rating – Angle vs. Anderson continuation, Jeremy Borash interviews Hulk Hogan, Bubba The Love Sponge and Jay Lethal show up

Q6: 0.88 rating – Hemme interviews Matt Morgan, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

Q7: 0.73 rating – The Band promo, Pope interview with Desmond Wolfe interruption, Douglas Williams vs. Generation Me

Q8: 0.70 rating – Shannon Moore attacks Williams, Beautiful People backstage, Team 3D interview, D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe,

Overrun: 0.97 rating – Knockouts open the lockboxes

You read right, when the number one contender (D’Angelo Dinero) for the TNA World title can’t beat the Knockouts in ratings, that’s a huge issue. The main event quarter which traditionally does not get the best ratings did so on Monday, because of the Knockouts. While it was the Overrun time, the knockouts were sill going up against the WWE after 10pm.

Despite the best ratings of the show, the end did not justify the means. The TNA Women’s Knockout Championship moved another notch down in credibility, after being decided in a Russian roulette type situation. Not-to-mention, with numerous senseless title changes in 2009 (which in many ways ruined how great Kong vs. Tara could have been), and even more senseless changes in 2010 between ODB and Tara, this was the last thing that needed to happen. Just two weeks from Lockdown, the Lock Box Showdown ended the feud of Tara vs. Daffney. Many women of wrestling fans were looking forward to seeing the feud continue to Lockdown in a cage, with possibly seeing Daffney get the win. Fact: Masses of the internet wrestling community was tuning in to see the return of Hamada, another huge disappointment, as she was eliminated from the match during the commercial. It has been no secret, that stellar performers like Hamada, Taylor Wilde and Sarita have been missing in action since this new era. Monday’s match did nothing the dispel the obvious; that the “model” type knockouts have been mostly featured on television.

…And then there is the elephant in the room, the use of T&A, and damn! Lacey Von Erich is hot!. However, The knockouts division became popular based on attempting to create a real women’s wrestling division. With women like Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, Nikki Roxx and others, it separated itself from the WWE Divas, coming close to giving us potential matches we see on Shimmer Women Athletes and Women Superstars Uncensored. The fact is, the Knockouts did not need T&A to get great ratings, and no—The Beautiful People were not the sole reason for high ratings. Other women have proven to do so as well.

Whoever is responsible for what we have been seeing since the Hogan era is certainly going to look at the ratings as a reason to continue in this direction. At the end of the day, it seems as if they did not pay attention to the greatness that was the Knockouts division from 2007 to 2009 (R.I.P).

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