WWE Divas – April 2, 2010 Smackdown report: Michelle McCool and Layla vs Beth Phoenix and Tiffany
Posted on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Beth Phoenix & Tiffany

On the April 2, 2010 episode of WWE Smackdown, WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool and Layla took on Beth Phoenix and Tiffany in a rematch from the March 19, 2010 edition.

WWE Divas – April 2, 2010 Smackdown Match:
Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Beth Phoenix & Tiffany

—Michelle McCool and Layla accompanied by Vickie Guerrero were out to the ring first for this match. Followed by Tiffany, then Beth. Tiffany and Michelle began the match, with Michelle forcing Tiffany into the corner with a collar and elbow tie-up. Tiffany then followed with a number of offensive moves—which included a drop-toe hold, and a reverse atomic drop—before Michelle countered a monkey flip by throwing Tiffany to the mat. What followed was a dominant McCool, who then tagged in Layla who continued the beat down. Tiffany was able to get the hot tag to Beth, who made short work of Layla. Beth hit her Glam Slam for the win.

Winner(s): Beth Phoenix & Tiffany at 3:06

Thoughts: While there was no major progression of storyline here, having the match furthered Beth’s visibility as a babyface, and continued to establish her as the number one contender for the WWE Women’s title. Have the writers reached a road block on Smackdown with the Divas? After months of great writing, it seems they might be falling back into manotany.

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