WWE Divas – February 22, 2010 Raw results: Maryse becomes a 2-Time Divas Champion
Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010

February 22 2010 Raw results Maryse becomes a 2-Time Divas Champion

This week on Raw, the final match in the WWE Divas title tournament took place. Maryse defeated Gail Kim with her “french kiss” finisher, to become the new champion. The championship was vacated on December 29, 2009, and Maryse has now made history, as the first woman the hold the title on multiple occasions. Also on the show, was a WWE Divas bull-riding contest.

WWE Divas – February 22, 2010 Raw Match:
WWE Divas Championship Tournament Final Match
Gail Kim vs. Maryse

Winner: Maryse at 2:49 (Watch The Video)

—This was not a good showing, which had nothing to do with Kim. After seeing Gail work with Katie Lea, Layla and Michelle McCool this past week, the problem here was definitely Maryse. Hopefully, the WWE will give Gail some mic time, and a run at the title in 2010. It is really a shame that the WWE is missing a great opportunity to utilize Gail Kim to her full potential. Her backstage promo with Maryse at WWE Elimination Chamber (WWE Divas – 2010 Elimination Chamber results) was a prime example what she can do when given a chance. None of us can say that this wasn’t a predictable outcome. Although some may have second-guessed with the WWE giving us a mediocre feud between the two.

—Also on the show, was a Divas bull-riding competition. This contest was hosted by singer Jewel and husband Ty Murray, with the participants being Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, and The Bella Twins. The Big Show and The Miz interrupted the contest, with The Big Show being unsuccessful at riding the bull.

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