DVD Review: Shimmer Women Athletes volume 25 – Mercedes Martinez, Serena Deeb and more
Posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

DVD Review: Shimmer Women Athletes volume 25 – Mercedes Martinez, Serena Deeb and more


Taped: Saturday, May 3, 2009

Featuring: Awesome Kong, Mercedes Martinez, Portia Perez, Rain, Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Nikki Roxx, Ariel, Allison Danger, Madison Eagles, Daizee Haze, Jetta, LuFisto, Wesna Busic, Ashley Lane, Nevaeh, Jennifer Blake, Serena Deeb, Cat Power, Tenille Tayla, Rayna Von Tash, Kellie Skater, Rachel Summerlyn, Melanie Cruise, Nicole Matthews and Jessie McKay.

Matches on this DVD:

  1. Tenille Tayla vs. Jetta (6:57)
  2. Kellie Skater vs. Ariel vs. Cat Power vs. Rachel Summerlyn (7:01)
  3. Nikki Roxx vs. Melanie Cruise (6:46)
  4. Rain vs. Jennifer Blake (10:09)
  5. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jessie McKay (8:57)
  6. LuFisto vs. Amber O’Neal (7:39)
  7. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Allison Danger & Daizee Haze (10:20)
  8. Mercedes Martinez vs. Serena Deeb (11:40)
  9. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match:
    Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong (8:24)
  10. SHIMMER Title Match:
    MsChif vs. Wesna Busic (14:14)

(Photos By Wrestlin Wally)

To facilitate Lethalwow’s 2009 Women’s Wrestling End of Year Review (See: 2009 Year in Review), going over various DVDs from 2009 was in order. Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 25 was taped on May 3, 2009, during a weekend at the Eagles’ Club in Berwyn, Illinois, where Volumes 23, 24 and 26 were also taped.

Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 25 began with The International Home Wrecking Crew (wearing pajamas and dust masks), making their way to the ring with their manager Lacey. The International Home Wrecking Crew were last seen on Shimmer Volume 24 (Review), where they picked up a victory over Pretty Bitchin’ (Ariel and Nikki Roxx). Tenille was out to the ring next, who on-the-other-hand, was on the loosing end of a tag team match with Rayna Von Tash against The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka). Jetta got on the microphone repeating “who are yah?” to Tenille, right before Joey Eastman’s introduction of her. Lacey then grabbed the mic and introduced the The International Home Wrecking Crew. Rain, however, could not be at ringside according to Shimmer rules.

Jetta wLacey vs. Tenille Tayla

Match Number 1:
Jetta (w/Lacey) vs. Tenille Tayla

The Commentators for the show; Dave Prazak and Portia Perez, introduced themselves as the match began. After a collar-and-elbow tie up, Tenille took control with a wrist lock. The ladies then went back and fort exchanging holds. By mid-match, Jetta was in full control, with the occasional use of dirty tactics—and one instance—outside interference from Lacey. The finish came when Tenille was able to get herself out of a chinlock by continuously elbowing Jetta to the midsection. Tenille followed by hitting numerous offensive moves to Jetta… she was able to get the win after a sunset flip into a folding press.

Winner: Tenille at 6:57

After the match, Lacey kicked Tenille in the back, followed by a three-on-one beat-down. Rain and Lacey then executed their Double-Team Tomikaze on Tenille. Jetta then covered Tenille while Lacey got a 3-count. The International Home Wrecking Crew made their exit, as referees checked on Tenille.

Up next was a “pre-show training session” with Annie Social doing commentary. Annie sat on the top ropes, as Wesna Busic and Melanie Cruise trained. In this training session, the Sparkle girls were the recipients for vicious forearms and suplexes from Wesna and Melanie. In this segment, it was established that Annie Social would be managing Melanie Cruise and that Wesna Busic would be challenging MsChif for the Shimmer title later on the show.

Kellie Skater vs. Ariel vs. Cat Power vs. Rachel Summerlyn
Match Number 2:
Four Corner Survival
Kellie Skater vs. Ariel vs. Cat Power vs. Rachel Summerlyn

Referee Andy Long was seen in the ring with Joey Eastman, followed by Kellie Skater’s entrance. Out next was Rachel Summerlyn, followed by Car Power, and later “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel. It was announced that tag team rules would apply, thus only two competitors could be in the ring at the same time.

Ariel and Rachel Summerlyn began the match with a collar and elbow tie up. The ladies quickly began using the ropes, with a shoulder block from Rachelle, and a hip toss by Ariel. Ariel and Rachel went back and fort in a nice exchange to approval from the crowd. Ariel tagged in Kellie Skater, however, Cat Power refused to receive a tag from Rachel. Kellie took advantage with a forearm to the back of Rachel. After exchanges by the two, Rachel tagged in Ariel, who executed three consecutive snap suplexes on Skater, for a two count. Kellie Skater was able to turn things in her favor with a hurricanrana for a 2-count, which was broken by Cat Power. Cat tagged herself in the match via Ariel, and dominated Skater in the moments that followed. Ariel tagged herself back in via Skater, and dominated Cat Power. Rachel tagged herself back in via Ariel, which led to the finish of the match…Cat Power hit a neck breaker on Rachel, with the count being broken up by Ariel. Kellie Skater took exception to Ariel’s interference, and the two battled to ringside. With the absence of Ariel and Skater to break up a count, Cat Power was able win by submission over Rachel Summerlyn.

Winner: Cat Power at 7:01

Referee Laura Mattano was seen entering the ring for the next match. Melanie Cruise then made her way to the ring with her manager Annie Social. Nikki Roxx was out next.

Nikki Roxx vs Melanie Cruise

Match Number 3:
Nikki Roxx vs. Melanie Cruise

The crowd was clearly behind Nikki Roxx as she got them behind her with “Nikki Roxx” chants that lasted almost a minute after the bell rang. The ladies finally began the match with two collar-and-elbow tie-ups that were released on both occasions. Both ladies then bounced off opposite ropes to noneffective shoulder blocks. Nikki Roxx at 5’9, who rarely gives up size to opponents, was doing so Melanie Cruise at 6feet. However, based on these early exchanges, they were matched in the strength department. Strength however, did not match up to the experienced Nikki Roxx, who got the better of Melanie in these exchanges. After outside interference from Annie Social at 2:25, Melanie Cruise took control of the match with a spinning side-slam, followed by further offense. Melanie’s momentum continued after more outside interference from Annie Social who choked Nikki on one of the bottom ropes. After missing a body avalanche at 5:08, Nikki turned the match back in her favor, with her signature punches and discus forearm smash. She followed with a double axe handle, running hip attack and running big boot for a cover. After nearly being pinned, Melanie Cruise managed some offense, which included a power slam; however, it wasn’t long after that Nikki hit the Barbie Crusher for the win.

Winner: Nikki Roxx at 6:46

Rain vs. Jennifer Blake
Match Number 4:
Rain vs. Jennifer Blake

Referee P.J. Drummond was seen in the ring with Joey Eastman, followed by The International Home Wrecking Crew making their entrance for the second time on the DVD (once again wearing pajamas). Jennifer Blake’s entrance followed. Jennifer Blake was introduced, followed by the usual antics of The International Home Wrecking Crew. Due to Shimmer rules, Jetta left the ringside area.The match began when Jennifer Blake drop-kicked Rain to the back as she was taking off her pajama. She preceded to take the fight to Rain, going for an early cover after an arm-drag and two clotheslines. She followed with continuously slamming Rain’s head into one of the top turnbuckles, and drop kick to the side of her head which sent her outside of the ring. Rain turned the match around when Blake attempted to drag her into the ring, who instead drop from the apron to the floor, slingshoting Blake off the top ropes. Rain then controlled the match in the minutes that followed. After what seemed to be an eternity of Rain dominating the match, Blake was able to turn the it in her favor with an enziguri kick, countering Rain’s attempt of the “Acid Rain.” She got a number of offense in Rain, including the Kobashi Chops, and a gory neckbreaker. Jennifer Blake lost focus when Lacey got on the apron. She attempted to superkick Lacey, which proved to be enough of a distraction for Rain to hit her “Acid Rain” finisher.

Winner: Rain at 10:09

Up next was a backstage promo from Sara Del Rey, along with Amazing Kong. In it, she was very confident that she and Kong would win the Tag Team titles later on the show.

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jessie McKay
Match Number 5:
Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jessie McKay

Referee Bryce Remsburg was in the ring to officiate the match. Jessie McKay made her way to the ring first, followed by Cheerleader Melissa. The most predictable win of the night thus far, started with a hand shake from the ladies.

Despite the loss by Jessie McKay, this was meant to put her over by wrestling a competitive match against Cheerleader Melissa. Unfortunately, not as convincing as Mercedes Martinez vs. Madison Eagles from Shimmer Volume 24.

Winner: Cheerleader Melissa at 8:57

LuFisto vs. Amber O'Neal
Match Number 6:
LuFisto vs. Amber O’Neal

Referee Andy Long was seen in the ring, followed by Amber O’Neal’s entrance. LuFisto then made her way to the ring next to a nice ovation. The ladies began with LuFisto backing Amber into one of the corners with a collar-and-elbow tie up, followed by Amber pushing her away by the face. Another collar-and-elbow tie up saw LuFisto slam Amber back-first to the mat. Amber found herself on the defense, and at 1:44, took control of the match after blowing glitter into LuFisto’s eyes. The minutes that followed, saw Amber dominate LuFisto. At 4:49, Amber attempted her “Amber Alert” finisher, however LuFisto countered with a death valley driver, which took Amber off her game. LuFisto mounted a comeback in the moments that followed. The finish came at 6:49 when Amber hit the “STO’Neal” for a 2-count. She followed with another attempt at her “Amber Alert” finisher; however, LuFisto was able to get Amber into a cross armbreaker for the win.

Winners: LuFisto at 7:39 by submission.

After the match, LuFisto roughed up referee Andy Long, sending him on his way with a kick to the rear.

Up next, was highlights from Alison Danger and Portia Perez‘s no disqualification street fight from Shimmer volume 24.

Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Allison Danger & Daizee Haze

Match Number 7:
Grudge Tag-Team Match:
Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Allison Danger & Daizee Haze

Referee Brian Gorie and Joey Eastman were seen in the ring, followed by The Canadian Ninjas; Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez making their way to the ring. Allison Danger then made her way to ringside, followed by Daizee Haze. After the introductions, the match began with Alison Danger and Nicole Mathews. After controlling the exchange, Daizee was tagged in, continuing the control over Nicole. At 1:30, Nicole got a tag to Portia, who was able to turn the match in her team’s favor. Portia and Nicole then exchanged various tags, which kept Daizee on the defense. At 7:37, after a world of hurt, Daizee got the hot tag to Alison. The opening for the tag came when Nicole attempted a top rope maneuver, in which Daizee was able to hit a frankensteiner after knocking Nicole into a seated position on the top of the turnbuckle she was on. In the moments that followed, Alison dominated, with offense on both Portia and Nicole. At 9:15, Daizee Haze was tagged back in, and hit Nicole with a nice missile drop kick for a pin attempt. The pin attempt was broken up by Portia, and Daizee found herself on the receiving end of Fisherman brainbuster from Nicole, which was broken up by Alison. Portia was then tagged in; however, she found herself on the receiving end of a Yakuza kick from Daizee. Alison was then tagged in, finishing the match with her “Old School Expulsion” finisher.

Winner: Allison Danger & Daizee Haze at 10:20

After the match, Alison went after Portia with a belt. This backfired, with Nicole and Portia getting the better of Alison and Daizee.

Mercedes Martinez vs Serena Deeb
Match Number 8:
Mercedes Martinez vs. Serena Deeb

Bryce Remsburg made his way into the ring, followed by Mercedes Martinez (2009: Wrestler of the Year). Serena Deeb was out to the ring next. The match began with a hand shake, followed by a collar-and-elbow tie up. The ladies took the match to the mat, and we were off to a nice scientific match-up, like the beginning of most Mercedes matches. At 2:30, were saw a greco roman knuckle lock, into more great technical action. After the four minute mark, the technical wrestling was out the window, with Martinez’s hard-hatting offense coming into play. Serena found herself in the defense, and was able to take control of the match at 6:12 after a neckbreaker. This didn’t last long, as Mercedes sidestepped Serena at 7:11, throwing her into a corner turnbuckle. The ladies went back and fort, with Serena holding her own against the viciousness of Mercedes. Serena was able to get a quick win over Mercedes, with a victory roll.

Winner: Serena Deeb at 11:40

Post Match: Mercedes shook Serena Deep’s hand, as she received a nice ovation from the fans.

Up next, was highlights leading up to the Tag Team Championship match. Featuring the Shimmer tag team champions; Ashley Lane & Nevaeh, and their challengers; Awesome Kong and Sara Del Rey.

Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong

Match Number 9:
Shimmer Tag Team Championship
Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong

Joey Eastman and referee P.J. Drummond were shown in the ring, followed by Sara Del Rey’s entrance. Her tag team partner; Amazing Kong then made her way to the ring. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh were out next for their title defense. Amazing Kong attacked Ashley at ringside, as Sara attacked Nevaeh. Sara proceeded to dominate Nevaeh in the ring. This match was described as size and power vs. heart and determination by Dave Prazak, in which it was rightfully dubbed. Despite being dominated by Kong and Ashley, the ladies hung in their. At 5:45, Nevaeh was able to tag Ashley, after being destroyed by Kong and Sara. The opening came after she moved out of the way of a body avalanche by Kong. Ashley came in with a flurry of offense, however, it was not enough to suppress Kong, who continued her dominating ways. This match fell apart, with hot heads of Kong and Sara getting the better of them. Off-camera, Kong took Nevaeh out of the match with a chair-shot. She then attempted to use the chair in the match, which cost her team a loss by disqualification.

Winner: Ashley Lane & Nevaeh at 8:24 by disqualification.

After losing the match, Sara and Kong continued the beat down on Ashley, until being ran off by Mercedes and Serena Deeb.

This was a pretty one-sided match, however, the booking was logical, which forces such as Amazing Kong and Sara Del Rey in the ring.

Up next, were highlights of Wesna Busic‘s rise through the ranks, to face MsChif for the Shimmer Championship. On to the main event…

MsChif(c) vs. Wesna Busic

Match Number 10:
Shimmer Championship Match
MsChif(c) vs. Wesna Busic (w/Annie Social)

Referee Brian Gorie was shown entering the ring, followed by Wesna, who was accompanied by Annie Social. MsChif then made her way to the ring to defend her title. This match started with Wesna going for a forearm on MsChif, who ducked, and followed by getting Wesna into a side-headlock. Wesna got her feet to the ropes, and the hold was released. The ladies proceeded to exchange various holds, which didn’t last long… Wesna retreated to the ringside after MsChif got the better of her in their opening exchages. Upon her return to the apron, MsChif attempted to suplex Wesna into the ring, however, Wesna dropped to floor, which snapped MsChif’s head off the top ropes. Wesna was able to control the match in the minutes that followed. Wesna maintained control after targeting MsChif’s right leg. At 7:20, MsChif managed to mount a comeback after getting headscissors armbar on Wesna. The match turned back in Wesna’s favor at when. There was some nice action going into the end of the match… at 12:30, MsChif countered CB4-Driver in the “Code Green” for a near fall. Wesna was later able to hit a Ki Krusher for a near fall. The finish came moments later after Wesna kicked out of another “Code Green”… MisChif wasted no time hitting the “Desecrator” for the win.

Winner(s): MsChif at 14:14

Match Of The DVD: MsChif(c) vs. Wesna Busic
Like in Volume 24, the main event was the match of the DVD. The road to this match was well booked, from Wesna’s Shimmer debut, to her rise to become the number one contender. Wesna proved to be a worthy challenger, enhancing MisChif’s Shimmer title reign further.

Overall, this was another great effort from Shimmer Women Athletes, with great continuity from Volume 24.

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