WWE Divas – January 22, 2010 Smackdown results: Mickie James humiliated and Serena Deeb gets her head shaved, WWE Superstars results
Posted on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Mickie James humiliated and Serena Deeb gets her head shaved

On the January 22, 2010 episode of Smackdown, Mickie and Michelle’s feud reached its boiling point, and Serena Deeb ,made her WWE debut.

Mickie James humiliated

January 22, 2010 – Smackdown Divas Match Segment:
Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix…

—This week there was no Divas match. Instead, we got an in-ring segment, . The segment began with Michelle McCool and Layla (Tag Team Top 10 of 2009) in the ring saying that they were giving Mickie James a going away party from Smackdown. In the ring was a table with food, which included pig shaped cakes.

Maria then came out to a nice pop, and gave Layla and Michelle a piece of her mind on their treatment towards Mickie James. Michelle and Layla then belittled Maria for her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Mickie James (Top 25 Ranking of 2009) then came to the ring to defend herself and the weight of women in the world. Mickie James definitely showed her worth once again, as she was the best working this promo. This led to to a brawl in the ring, Mickie and Maria vs. Layla and Michelle. Beth Phoenix then ran down to the ring to make her presence felt by taking Maria out of the equation by slamming her shoulder first into one of the ring posts. She then joined Layla and Michelle in a beat down on Mickie James.

The segment ended with Michelle shoving a pig shaped cake into Mickie’s face, and dumping a bowl of punch over her head. Michelle went over big time with the crowd in this segment, but did it translate throw television sets across America? (Watch the segment)

This leads up to the Royal Rumble, where Mickie James will take on Michelle for the WWE Women’s title once again. This has been the most focused feud between women that has been done between TNA and the WWE in recent months. And likely the longest in-ring promo from women we will see in some time.

WWE Smackdown Serena Deeb gets her head shaved

—Also on the show, was the debut of Serena Deeb. CM Punk and Luke Gallows made their way to the ring, and offered a fan a chance to be saved by joining the “Straightedge Society.” Serena Deeb then ran out of the audience saying that she needed CM Punk to save her from her addiction to pills. The segment ended with “Serena” getting her head shaved by CM Punk. (Click here for the segment)

—The Divas were in action again this week on WWE Superstars. Jillian suffered another loss, this time, by the hands of Kelly Kelly, in a one-on-one match.

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