WWE Divas – January 18, 2010 Raw Results: Eve & Gail Kim vs. Maryse & Alicia Fox
Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2010

On the January 18, 2010 episode of Raw, the four semi-finalist in the Divas Championship Tournament participated in a tag team match which saw Eve Torres & Gail Kim against Maryse & Alicia Fox.

January 18, 2010 – Raw Divas Match:
Eve & Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox & Maryse

—Before the match, Eve’s win over Katie Lea from last week’s Raw (January 11, 2010 Raw Results) was shown as the WWE “Rewind.” Maryse then made her way to the ring, followed by Alicia Fox. Gail Kim was out to the ring next, followed by Eve.

Gail and Maryse started the match, with Gail getting most of the offense. After distraction from Alicia Fox, Maryse kicked Gail Kim outside the ring, where she suffered an attack by the hands of Alicia. Maryse was able to take control of the match when Gail was thrown back in the ring, immediately connecting with a back breaker for a cover. Alicia Fox was then tagged in, and Gail suffered a second backbreaker. Gail was able to move out of the way of Alicia’s Axe kick and tag Eve. Eve was in control in the moments that followed, and was able to get the win with some sort of arm bar submission. (Watch The Video)

Winner: Eve & Gail Kim at 2:50

Overall sloppy match, to a dead crowd. Can I say dead crowd again?

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