TNA Knockouts – Genesis 2010 Results: Tara becomes a 3-time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion
Posted on Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Tara vs. ODB

January 17, 2010 at TNA Genesis, Tara won the TNA Women’s Knockout Champion for a third time. Tara regained the title just 13 days after loosing the belt to ODB.

TNA Knockouts – Genesis 2010 Results:
TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
ODB(c) vs. Tara

—Before the match, a video package was shown, followed by Tara’s entrance. ODB then made her way to the ring to “ODB” chants. The match began with the ladies face to face, followed by hair pulling, in which they had to be separated by the referee. Tara then hit a spear on ODB followed by punches. Tara then took ODB down by the arm, followed by hitting her standing moonsault for a cover. After a few exchanges, Tara got the first pin with a small package.

ODB wasted no time after being pinned, taking Tara down with a clothesline. She then put bear hug on Tara, followed by slamming her into a corner turnbuckle. She dominated the exchanges that followed, and we saw some oldschool style wrestling with Tara being put in a body scissors. Later on, ODB hit a powerslam for a near fall. ODB then Irish whipped Tara into the ropes, and she returned to power ODB up into the Widow’s peak for the win.

Winner: Tara

Quick Results:

  1. X Division Championship: The Amazing Red def. Brian Kendrick
  2. Sean Morley def. Christopher Daniels
  3. Knockouts Championship: Tara def. ODB(c)
  4. Tag Team Championship: Matt Morgan & Hernandez def. The British Invasion(c)
  5. Desmond Wolfe def. D’Angelo Dinero
  6. Beer Money def. Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman
  7. Mr. Anderson def. The Monster Abyss
  8. World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles(c) def. Kurt Angle

Official Genesis 2010 Results

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