TNA New Year’s Knockout Eve Review: Featuring ODB, Hamada, Roxxi, The Beautiful People, Tara and more
Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2010

New Year’s Knockout Eve

On December 31, 2009, the women of TNA ended the year with a bang. Eight women competed in a tournament to determine the #1 contender for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship, which rejuvenated credibility in the Women’s Knockout Championship by having a show dedicated to establishing a #1 contender. Also on the show, was the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Sarita and Taylor Wilde in action.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship #1 Contender Tournament

First Round matches:

Hamada vs. Madison Rayne (4:24)
ODB vs. Traci Brooks (4:14)
Roxxi vs. Velvet Sky (2:13)
Awesome Kong vs. Daffney (3:29)

ODB vs. Traci Brooks

Hamada vs. Madison Rayne
—Hamada vs. Madison Rayne kicked off the show, with Madison making her entrance first. The ladies began with a collar-and-elbow tie up into a standing side headlock by Hamda. Madison then countered with with an inside roll-through. The ladies then locked-up with another collar-and-elbow followed by Hamada starting to work over the right arm of Madison. She, however, got out of her predicament by countering a hip-toss into an arm drag. Madison followed by taunting Hamada, only to be kicked in the face. After a headbutt to Madison, Hamada missed a top rope arm drag, in which Madison was able to take control of the match. That didn’t last long, as Hamada hit Madison with a vicious kick to the face. It wasn’t long after that Hamada hit her Hamada Driver for the win. This was a very good match for Madison Rayne, showing that she can definitely hold her own when given a chance. Followers of Madison Rayne outside of TNA are aware that she is more than capable in the ring; however, in TNA, this was her best showing to date.

Winner: Hamada at 4:24.

Christy Hemme interviewed TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Tara next. In the backstage segment, it was revealed that Tara would be introducing the top 3 TNA pay per view matches throughout the show.

ODB vs Traci Brooks
ODB vs. Traci Brooks
—A recap of Tara winning the Knockouts title was shown, followed by Traci Brooks making her entrance. Out next was ODB, who began the match with spitting her drink in Traci’s face. After slams to the mat on Traci, ODB attacked Traci’s arm, and dominated throughout. Traci was able to mount a comeback after hitting a very nice spear on ODB. Traci followed with her trademark offense; however, ODB was able to counter a top rope move by Traci, and follow up with her TKO finisher. Nice job by both ladies. This match confirmed that Traci is back to being a babyface, which was questioned during her short lived feud with Alissa Flash.

Winner: ODB at 4:14

Up next was Christy Hemme interviewing The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich). All three ladies got some nice time on the mic, with Madison focusing on damage control on her loss against Hamada. Velvet focusing on talking about her match later against Roxxi, and Lacey on Lauren being “fired” due to slapping her.

Roxxi vs Velvet Sky
Roxxi vs. Velvet Sky

—Roxxi was out first, followed by highlights from her TNA return. Velvet Sky then made her way to the ring. The match began with Velvet kicking Roxxi in the stomach, followed by throwing her into one of the top turnbuckles. Velvet continued to dominate the start of the match, which included a nice bulldog and an octopus stretch. Roxxi countered a sunsetflip by Velvet with a drop kick to turn the match in her favor. It wasn’t long after that Roxxi hit her Voodoo Drop for the win.

Winner: Roxxi at 2:13.

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviewed Roxxi at ringside. Roxxi spoke about feeling great about being back in TNA, and her respect for TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Tara. During this, Lacey Von Erich ran down the ramp and hit Roxxi in the back with a nightstick. She followed by hitting her in the ribs the nightstick and choking her out. Lacey looked really good in this run-in.

Awesome Kong vs. Daffney
Awesome Kong vs. Daffney
—This was the last first round match in the tournament, with Daffney making her way to the ring first, followed by Awesome Kong. This match began with Daffney initiating a test of strength, in which Kong accepted. Daffney smartly began to kick Kong’s right leg, and then proceeded to run to the ropes behind Kong, and then take her down to her knees with a chop block. Daffney then continued the test of strength with Kong on her knees; however, Kong overpowered her, throwing her back-first into the mat. Kong then followed with vicious chops to Daffney. Kong dominated the moments that followed, which included the return of her Accordion Rack. Daffney retreated to the outside, only to be slammed into steal stairs. Back in the ring, it was not long before Kong hit her Implant Buster for the win. This was a very entertaining match, and hopefully there will be a more competitive bout in the future.

Winner: Awesome Kong at 3:29.

April Hunter & Lorelei Lee
Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. April Hunter & Lorelei Lee.
—The next match was the “mild concussions” April Hunter and Lorelei Lee challenging the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions in a non-title match. The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) were at ringside doing commentary for the match, followed by April Hunter and Lorelei Lee making their entrances. Sarita and Taylor were out to the ring next. Lorelei and Sarita started the match, with Sarita getting the better of the exchange. Taylor was in next, in which Lorelei fared no better. She got the tag to April Hunter, who hit a nice spinning sidewalk slam on Taylor. April then got the tag to Lorelei, and proceeded to put Taylor in a straight jacket crossface. Lorelei followed simultaneously with a running bulldog on Taylor. Lorelei made a pin attempt on Taylor, and then tagged April back in. After hitting a double knee backbreaker on April, Sarita got the hot tag. Sarita cleaned house and then tagged Taylor back in who won with an assisted standing moonsault. This was a nice face paced match, that should have gone longer. April and Lorelei were very impressive in this match.

Winner(s): Sarita & Taylor Wilde at 2:45.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship #1 Contender Tournament

Semi-Final Round matches:
Roxxi vs. Hamada (7:47)
Awesome Kong vs. ODB (6:21)

Roxxi vs Hamada
Roxxi vs. Hamada
—Roxxi was out first for the match, with bandages around her ribs. This was a work, due to the attack from Lacey Von Erich earlier on the show. Hamada was out next. The ladies began the match with a collar-and-elbow tie up in which Hamada quickly transitioned into a take down on Roxxi into an arm bar. Roxxi then rolled through into a wristlock; however, Hamada countered it and then hit a drop toe hold into a toehold and hammerlock. After bringing Roxxi to her feet, Roxxi got out of Hamada’s hold with an arm drag. This was a very nice start to the match.

Hamada continued to dominate match, until Roxxi was able to get a cross armbreaker. The ladies then had a few exchanges, before Hamada began taking advantage of Roxxi’s injured ribs. After a modified octopus stretch from Hamada, came the spot of the match…Hamada came off the top ropes with a double foot stomp on Roxxi’s back. Roxxi proved to be resilient in the moments that followed, getting an exploder suplex on Hamada and getting her running hip attack and big boot in. Hamada then mounted a comeback, with vicious offense. This included a frankensteiner and missile drop kick; however, Roxxi continuously kicked out of Hamada’s pins. Roxxi was able to mount a comeback at the end of the match; however, Hamada countered Roxxi’s Voodoo Drop into a roll-up. Great match by these two. Arguably the best of the night.

Winner: Hamada at 7:47

Awesome Kong vs ODB
Awesome Kong vs. ODB
—ODB was out first for the match as she finished a bottle of liquor, followed by Awesome Kong. The action started before Kong got in the ring, as ODB attacked Kong on the ramp. The ladies brawled, with Kong getting the better of it. ODB was thrown into steal stairs early on; however, she was able to get out of the predication with numerous strikes to Kong. She followed by smashing Kong’s head into the steal stairs. After a few more strikes to Kong, ODB showboated to the crowd and in return received a vicious clothesline to the floor from Kong. Back in the ring, Kong body slammed ODB; however, she missed a splash soon after. ODB went for a near fall, and the show went to a commercial break.

Back from the commercial, ODB mounted the back of Kong with a headlock only to be driving back first into one of the corner turnbuckles by Kong. The ladies went back and fort, with ODB getting a bronco buster on Kong after a body avalanche, followed by ODB dragging Kong flat on the match for a pin attempt. ODB followed by attempting to pick Kong up; however, all of Kong weight fell onto ODB into a pinning predicament. ODB kicked out, and Kong dominated the rest of the match.

The finish came with ODB pulling the referee into Kong’s body avalanche. ODB then grabbed the empty liquor bottle that she came to the ring with. The bottle was then broken on Kong’s head as Kong attempted a powerbomb. Sick spot, with ODB getting the 1-2-3.

Winner: ODB at 6:21 (excluding commercial)

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship #1 Contender Tournament:


Hamada vs ODB
Hamada vs. ODB
—This match began with ODB shoving Hamada by the head disrespectfully. Hamada then went after ODB with a kick to the stomach, followed by headbutts and chops. Hamada then hit a beautiful Headscissors takedown on ODB, followed by an impressive tornado DDT. Hamada went for a cover after the tornado ddt; however, ODB retreated to the outside of the ring. Excellent start to the match.

ODB finally got back into the ring after stalling. She fared no better, as Hamada continued to get the better of her. ODB was able to turn the match around as Hamada was climbing the ropes to attempt a moonsault. ODB knocked Hamada from the top ropes, causing her to be hung upside down from the the top turnbuckle she was climbing. ODB proceeded to consecutively kick Hamada in the stomach. The show then went to commercials.

Back from the commercials, ODB slammed Hamada to the mat by here hair, followed by a pin attempt. ODB then hit a fall-away slam on Hamada, followed by another pin attempt. ODB then put Hamada in a bear hug and slammed her into one of the corner turnbuckles. Hamada then moved out of the way of a body avalanche by ODB, and proceeded to hit an enziguri kick on ODB. Hamada had a nice comeback in the moments that followed; however, ODB was able to regain control with a jaw breaker. Awesome Kong was then seen coming down the ramp with a table, and set it up at ringside. After being distracted by Kong, Hamada was able to get a vicious spin kick on ODB, which sent her outside the ring. Hamada followed with a somersault onto ODB from the ring apron. Hamada then set ODB on the table, and went for a moonsault to the outside on ODB. ODB rolled off the table, causing Hamada to crash through it. ODB then rolled Hamada back into the ring, and hit her TKO for the win. This was a great match, and ODB’s best match in TNA for 2009.

Winner: ODB

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviewed ODB. It was announced that ODB would get her title shot live on January 4, 2010, in the special live impact 3-hour special. After disparaging words towards Tara, the TNA Women’s Knockout Champion made her way to the ring. The ladies then exchanged words, and it wasn’t too long before it turned into a catfight. This was a very nice way to end the show.

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