DVD Review: WSU Excellence – Featuring Portia Perez, Mercedes Martinez, Missy Hyatt, Malia Hosaka & More
Posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

DVD Review: WSU Excellence (2009)

Taped: October 3, 2009

Featuring: Missy Hyatt, Malia Hosaka, Angeli Orsini, Amber O’Neal, Mercedes Martinez, Portia Perez, Rain, Jana Malene, Hailey Hatred, Jessicka Havok, Alicia, Cindy Rogers, Luscious Latasha, Becky Bayless, Sassy Stephie, Rick Cataldo, Brittney Savage, Jennifer Cruz and Lea Morrison.

Matches on this DVD:

  • Cindy Rogers vs. Malia Hosaka (10:06)
  • Jennifer Cruz vs. Jana (5:50)
  • Becky Bayless (w/Missy Hyatt) vs. Rick Cataldo (4:45)
  • Amber O’Neal vs. Sassy Stephanie (9:48)
  • WSU Spirit Championship Match:
    (c) Latasha vs. Lea Morrison (6:24)
  • WSU Tag Team Title Match:
    Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs. Alicia & Brooke Carter (9:58)
  • Uncensored Rules Match: Angel Orsini vs. Rain (18:04)
  • WSU World Title Match:
    (c) Mercedes Martinez vs. Portia Perez (24:38)

(Photos By Wrestlin Wally)

Now could not be a better time to be a Women’s Wrestling fan, as most independent promotions record their events. The action can be seen right at home, in the form of affordable DVDs. While the DVDs take a backseat to the production quality of the WWE and TNA, the great wrestling action is always worth the price. For instance, Women Superstars Uncensored while based on the east coast, is able to be seen worldwide through DVDs. On October 3 2009, WSU Wrestling taped “Excellence.” This is a 2-disc DVD, with standout matches: Mercedes Martinez vs. Portia Perez, Angel Orsini vs. Rain and Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs. Alicia & Brooke Carter.

Disc 1 of WSU Excellence began with Angel Orsini on the hunt for Rain backstage. A brawl immediately broke out, spilling into the venue. The ladies exchanged blows, and they were quickly separated by the referees, Sassy Stephie, Jeniffer Cruz, and Latasha.

Up next, was a promo from “The Definition of Technician” Cindy Rogers recorded earlier in the day, followed by Malia Hosaka’s response to her challenger. The former WCW wrestler showed no intimidation toward The Definition of technician‘s comments, describing herself as “the modern day Moolah.”

Malia Hosaka vs Cindy Rogers

Match Number 1:
Cindy Rogers vs. Malia Hosaka
Cindy came out to “Celebrity Skin” by Hole, as the commentators; Tommy Wong & Jimmy Gentry made the introductions and plugged the lineup for the show. The 2009 WSU Hall of Fame inductee Malia, came out to “The Dope Show” by Marlin Manson, ready for the challenge. This match was promoted as “Old School Science,” and lived up to the booking. These athletes were not brawling, doing high-risk or high-impact moves. Instead this was mat based—sticking to technical exchanges. Malia in her prime was quite the aerialist, however, now as a veteran she gets to show off the fundamentals. Very nice submissions and reversals here. The Finish saw Cindy Rogers body slam Malia and then go for a leg drop. Cindy missed as Malia moved out of the way. The veteran took advantage and rolled Cindy into a sit-out pin. Winner: Malia Hosaka at 10:06

Post-Match: John Fallon Jr did a ringside interview with Cindy Rogers and alluded to possible “ring rust,” since returning to WSU Wrestling. While visibly upset, Cindy noted that she lost to a legend, and walked off.

We then cut to a backstage promo from a very arrogant Jana, who was confident that she would defeat Jeniffer Cruz. Jana claimed that her previous loss to Jennifer was a fluke due to Luscious Latasha‘s interference. Jenifer Cruz followed with a promo, stating that her victory over Jana was not a fluke and that she would be victorious again.

Jana vs Jennifer Cruz

Match Number 2:
Jana vs. Jennifer Cruz

Out came the ladies and on to the match…This was in no way as technical as the first bout, and primarily consisted of the brawling arsenal of Jana, who played an excellent heel. Jeniffer on the other hand, was the underdog babyface on the defense throughout. Jana’s antics included heckling the fans, and they returned the favor with hilarious “Laura Winslow,” chants (90′s sitcom Family Matters). The commentators did a good job with the history between these ladies (and Spirit Champ Luscious Latasha), which made it easy to follow. The Finish came when Cruz was finally getting the upper hand on Jana… She was able to get a near fall on Jana after kicks to the side of the knees, followed by a discus elbow. Cruz then plotted her next move, and sat on the top ropes. Jana however, was able to get to her feet and pull Jennifer off the top ropes. Jana then rolled Jennifer into her “Jana Vice,” submission move for the win. Winner: Jana at 5:50

Post-Match: Jana said to John Fallon that she proved that Jeniffer Cruz’s win was a fluke, and that she had to make sure that Jeniffer didn’t make it to the next show. Jana concluded with fighting words for  WSU Spirit Champion Latasha.

Out next was Missy Hyatt, to introduce the returning Becky Bayless. Missy briefly ran down her expertize in the business, and announced that going forward in WSU she would be managing Becky Bayless. While Missy was putting over Becky, she made one misstep with stating that Becky was the “only superstar” in the locker room. Not very flattering to the other great talent on the show that night.

Rick Cataldo interrupted the banter, and quickly dubbed Missy Hyatt a “has been,” and Becky Bayless a “Wanna Be.” Rick claimed to be the real diva of WSU. After some verbal exchanges between Becky and Rick, the segment hit it’s exclamation point with Becky slapping Rick after he called her a “jailbird.” (Indy Wrestler Becky Bayless Arrested for DUI In Florida) …

Match Number 3:
Becky Bayless vs. Rick Cataldo

Rick played a nice villain in this inter-gender match-up, toying with Becky Bayless in the first half of the match. This was much more for entertaining than wrestling, with “Rick’s a dildo,” chants finding it’s way into the ambiance throughout the match. Becky was able to turn the match around when Rick went for a top rope choke on her…she quickly flipped him from the top ropes. The match got a bit more competitive at this point, with Becky getting some offense, including a nice bulldog. After being distracted by “Eric Cartman” chants from the fans, Becky was able to get a school-boy roll-up on him for the win.
Winner: Becky Bayless at 4:45

Post-Match: Becky got on the microphone, and thanked WSU fans for welcoming her back. Missy and Becky hugged and they left the ring.

Up next was a promo from Sassy Stephie talking about her match against Amber O’Neal. Amber’s response came immediately after, stating that Stephie would be defeated in her WSU debut.

Match Number 4:
Amber O’Neal vs. Sassy Stephie

Sassy played a great face in this one, and Amber in her “super cheerleader” outfit played a great heel. This match really showed why Amber O’Neal (along with Krissy Vaine) were the original Beautiful People, as “Team Blondage.” The match began with a lot of stalling from Amber, who ran her mouth off with the fans…She quickly found herself in pinning predicaments, before retreating to the outside of the ring. This one started off rough, but the ladies quickly got into a comfort level and put on a great match…Did I mention Amber being thoroughly entertaining. The finish came when Amber kicked out of a swinging neck breaker, both ladies got to their feet and Amber was able to get the win with a modified backslide pin.
Winner: Amber O’Neal at 9:48

Out next was Spirit Champion Latasha for a ringside interview with John Fallon Jr. She offered an open challenge, which was accepted by Lea Morrison.

Match Number Five:
WSU Spirit Championship Match
Latasha vs. Lea Morrison

This for me was the weakest match of the show. It’s saving grace was due to the announcers continuously referring to Lea Morrison as a rookie. Nice booking, not so got execution on the part of Lea Morrison. Both women wrestled each other extensively for Top Rope Promotions, so it should have been a better match up. A bit of a wardrobe malfunction in this one, that was “uncensored.” The end came when Jana (who was hiding at ringside the entire time), interfered in the match attacking Latasha. This gave Latasha the win by disqualification.
Winner: Latsha at 6:24

Post-Match: A triple threat match was set up for the next show.

Up next was a promo from the WSU Tag team champions Hailey Hatred and Jessicka Havok, followed by comments from the challengers Alicia and Brooke Carter (Brittney Savage).

The promos closed off Disc 1.

Disc 2: Business picked up on the second disk…The disk started off with a video package featuring with highlights of the Rain vs. Angel Orsini feud, followed by a great WSU Tag Team championship match.

Match Number 6:
WSU Tag Team Title Match
Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs. Alicia & Brooke Carter

The only tag team match on the card really delivered. This was hard hitting action, with great tag team psychology. Seeing the much smaller Brooke Carter mix it up with these girls made for very nice dynamics. Brooke Carter (Brittney Savage) who made her debut in November of 2008, is a true rookie, who looked phenomenal for the time she has been wrestling. With Brooke being only 5’3″, Jessicka Havok (5’11″) and Hailey Hatred (5′ 10″) were powerhouses in the ring…. I loved every minute of this!. Another reason to watch this match was the entertaining potty mouth of Alicia.

The match started off with Haily and Brooke… Brooke got some quick offense, followed by a tag to Alicia. Haily tagged in Jessicka after Alicia got the better of her, who didn’t have much luck against Alicia either. Alicia tagged Brooke back into the match, and that was where things turned around. Haily & Havok cut Brooke off from Alica for the minutes that followed, and dished out major punishment to her. After an eternity of hurt, Brooke pulled off a bulldog on Jessicka, and finally got a tag on Alicia. Alicia got into the ring and cleaned house. The finish came when Brooke in a very unwise move, tagged herself in the match. Jessicka then ran around the ring and took out Alicia, followed by Haily rolling Brooke up for the win.
Winners: Haily Hatred & Jesska havok at 9:58

Post-Match: Rick Cataldo returned to the ring with a managerial contract. The segment saw a Brooke heel turn, with an attack from Rick and Brooke on Alicia. Brooke revealed that she would be using her real name “Brittney Savage,” going forward in wrestling. After further attacks on Alicia, Becky Bayless made the save.

Up next was a promo from Rain, followed by Angel Orsini.

Match Number 7:
Uncensored Rules Match
Angel Orsini vs. Rain

This was the most intense match of the show, and Lethalwow’s “Match Of The DVD.” This is the must see match, which was rightfully dubbed a co-main event—It was indeed a main event quality match. Fans who have only had the opportunity to see Rain wrestle as “Payton Banks” in TNA are in for a wide awakening in this match. This was a hard-hitting brawl.

This match started intense—there was no build to the action. It started fast and vicious with Orsini charging at Rain, only to be thrown head first into a corner turnbuckle. Rain got the early upper hand, with brawling offense. Angel was able to turn it around with a huge spear. The ladies quickly took it to the outside of the ring. This brawl saw Angel go back first into the bleachers, in which she sold very well. This match saw these ladies thrown into chairs, destroy the merchandise table, Angel head first into steal stairs and more. Outside of the brawling, there was actual wrestling and psychology. At one point, Angel injured her knee, in which Rain worked over nicely. The finish came when Rain drove Angel Orsini head first into a steal chair with a DDT.

Winner: Rain at 18:04

Up next was a promo from Portia Perez talking about her match against Mercedes Martinez.

Match Number 8:
WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs. Portia Perez

This was the best match of the show as far as pro wrestling quality. Both Mercedes Martinez and Portia Perez were phenomenal in this match. This was truly a World Title match. If you are a follower of Women’s Wrestling, this really doesn’t need any extensive review. This is what a women’s wrestling match should look like. The finish came after near fall after near fall….both women were at a point of frustration, when Mercedes was able to finally get her Fisherman brainbuster on Portia for the win.
Winner: Mercedes at 24:38

Post Match: Rain came to ringside and challenged Mecedes for a title shot. Portia took exception to her comments, and a match was made for the next show between Mercedes and Rain. This placed Portia as another roadblock in Rain’s quest to become WSU Champion.

Jessicka Havok and Hailey Hatred then joined Rain in an attack on Mercedes & Portia. Angel Orsini ran out and made the save.

Match Of The DVD: Angel Orsini vs. Rain
This was the most anticipated match of the show, with the most build. The ladies delivered after the setup that the promotion put behind them.

Match Quality:

  1. Mercedes Martinez vs. Portia Perez
  2. Angel Orsini vs. Rain
  3. Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs. Alicia & Brooke Carter
  4. Cindy Rogers vs. Malia Hosaka
  5. Amber O’Neal vs. Sassy Stephanie
  6. Jennifer Cruz vs. Jana
  7. Becky Bayless vs. Rick Cataldo
  8. Latasha vs. Lea Morrison

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