Sex and the WWE, how the landscape of Women’s Wrestling changed over the last decade
Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2008

The 10.02.08 “Truth B Told” column on 411mania titled “Sex and Violence,” by Bayani Domingo, is an interesting read for Women of Wrestling fans. Bayani writes about the unadulterated truth of how the WWE has used sex in their product over the last couple of years and the ramifications of that. Click Here to read the full column or read the selected excerpt below…

If you look at TNA and the “e” now you realize how much sex is involved in wrestling. the WWE seems to recruit model after model hoping to strike gold with the next Sable or Trish Stratus, while they consistently make the legitimately trained wrestlers the support cast and the foil to the primped and preening “Divas“. Even most of the women who actually can wrestle have had to do so after they’ve “enhanced their talents” so to speak. The last really natural “diva” I can recall was Stacy Keibler…and recall I do on a regular basis. *sigh* WWE has already gotten into the porn biz themselves by not only allowing their female wrestlers to appear in Playboy, but often encouraging them to do so. Chyna, Sable, Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle, and Maria have all posed nude before and look how well that turned out for them. Okay…maybe that’s a bad example…I mean…Candice ain’t doing too bad right? While the WWE hasn’t gone as far as to actually allow nudity on their shows or PPV purposely (that’s the key word right?) they do certainly seem to condone it.

Women who are skinny with big fake tits and pretty faces are usually pushed as “faces”, they are featured as the ideal woman who isn’t just a sex pot, but can also take care of themselves, at least when it comes to the rest of the “lipstick jungle”. But those women who are more physically imposing and have the strength and stature to stand against not just women but men as well (Amazing Kong, Chyna, Beth Phoenix) are usually cast as villains for the most part because the dominant female is always seen as evil. Isn’t that how most female “heels” see themselves during promos “as the most dominant female in the (name of company)”. Its the same thing in porn isn’t it? You want a woman who can take care, especially against other women, but when it comes to men they are always subservient and submissive. For the most part until the Knockout Division originally started women were the window dressing to the actual “wrestling” which almost always involved focusing on the men exclusively. But for a short time in TNA it seemed that the women’s division was just as much a focus as the men…of course at the expense of the X-Division, but I guess you can’t have too many spotlights. We’ve basically been trained to root for and fixate on a certain type of woman in wrestling, they just happen to look like slightly classier porn stars…okay not all of them are classier.

When you think about why the Divas that posed for Playboy became so popular it was because they were willing to bare it all for the fans. How many times have you watched Michelle McCool, Angelina Love, or Kelly Kelly and wondered what she would look like naked? For those of you who have the internet you’ve seen almost half of the other divas in the buff. We are trained to look at female wrestlers now in a sexual manner and the next step of full nudity really is almost expected now. I’m sure there is a pool out there for who the next Diva is who will pose for playboy next. My money is on Mae Young. While there was a column a few weeks back by Jake Chambers which predicted that pornography might find it’s way to main stream wrestling, I don’t think it will go that far. Especially since wrestling relies so much on sponsorship and advertising right now on television to be the monolith it is now. The possibilities on an Indy level however are endless. Once again you can take a look at what NRPW is and what it has yet to become.

You have to wonder if you need full on sex to draw people into watching a wrestling show. If you think of all the former Divas who have shown the goods that aren’t under contract there are at least a half a dozen that might be willing to bare all again for a decent little paycheck. Sure you might not be able to afford Ashley, Sable, or Christy Hemme, but (and God help me for even suggesting this) I’m sure Chyna isn’t doing anything these days, hell book her with X-Pac and it can be like “Two Nights in Chyna” but with better booking. I hear Shelly Martinez is desperate enough to auction herself off for dates, what about a little in-ring bondage? If you remember last week Tylene Buck, aka Major Gunns, is already doing porn, how the hell is she not in on this little venture? You realize that this whole “porn meeting wrestling” was done once before right? Remember something called “Naked Women’s Wrestling League” where Carmen Elektra was the Commissioner? Only there were matches featuring semi or fully naked women wrestling around each other in awkward fashion, nothing more racier than you’d see in Playboy and certainly no “pink” if that’s still the term kids are using these days. It was originally on PPV and eventually DVDs were released and BOY was it bad. The women weren’t even hot.

I’m sure some of you have thought about the possibility of a Diva’s wrestling match breaking down into a total lesbo-fest. In fact some of the moves would transition pretty nicely into sexual positions. If only Maria were to hit her “Bronco Buster” sans panties right? Even some of the inter-gender matches would be more interesting if it were under “anything REALLY goes” rules. I think the problem here is that in that case it becomes a wrestling themed porno rather than a wrestling federation with porn. Really though I think that would be the better seller right there. Problem is that when you try to intermix wrestling and porn it really interrupts your “stroke” so to say, when you keep getting interrupted with a greasy looking dude in tights shouting about pinning another man to the mat. If the NWWL proved anything it is that porn and wrestling might share the same audience, but deep down inside wrestling fans are more willing to part with the $40 to see men in tights than they are women in much, much less. The problem with trying to make a legit wrestling fed which is heavily reliant on porno scenes people can’t see is that you have to either have some really great wrestling take place for people to get into, or you’re just going to have to find a small enough venue and a willing crowd that will make the matches seem a lot better than they are. While you might not be able to imagine an RoH DVD spliced with backstage sex scenes in the locker room going over really big, I could see a product like CHIKARA with it’s wackiness and out there characters being the setting for some very interesting sexual situations. Lucha-porn anyone? “Oh yeah baby, cravate that nutsuck….yeah….I’m going to hit you with a shining bukkake.” Okay, you get the point. Anyways it just seems like as much as you want to think that since the same basic demographic for adult movies and wrestling seem to intersect a great deal (not including Cena fans) it just seems a bit far fetched to have a wrestling company that intersects with pornography. That is unless you can book Major Gunns vs Ashley in a main event in the first ever “TLS Match”, that’s Tables, Ladders, and Strap-ons.

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