New Candice Michelle “Mackenzie Montgomery” Pictures exposed on the web, Mickie James Asked About Past Nude Pictures
Posted on Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Alexis Laree

Alexis Laree

This week, it seems WWE Divas who have done Adult work kept on coming to the surface. Mickie James was interviewed on The ITD Morning After radio show and was asked about her nude pictures for Legshow magazine under her Indy name “Alexis Laree,” and ironically wrestling themed. Mickie James was caught by surprise and stumbled on her words, with her only clear response being “I did some different stuff in my past but I don’t think that makes or breaks who I am today.”

Another Diva, Candice Michelle, who made her return to Raw this week, is not only getting buzz because of that but for brand new nude photos turning up online this week…

Mackenzie Montgomery

Mackenzie Montgomery

Here’s a story from the NationAlledger.com…

WWE Diva Candice Michelle Strips Down in Newfound Photos, Returns to Action
By Ed Pena
Sep 4, 2008

World Wrestling Entertainment’s most downloaded Diva, the Go Daddy Super Bowl Sex Kitten Candice Michelle has returned to action in WWE, and none too soon. The WWE roster has been somewhat depleted by injuries to top stars like John Cena and Mr. Kennedy, and other top stars like HBK Shawn Michaels and Edge are publicly hurting at the moment.

WWE Diva Candice Michelle Strips Down in Newfound Photos, Returns to Action (Image: Wenn)

WWE Diva Candice Michelle Strips Down in Newfound Photos, Returns to Action (Image: Wenn)

Candice Michelle‘s return to WWE, in which she jumped right into a feud with WWE Womens’ Champion Beth “The Glamazon” Phoenix, comes right at the time more nude photographs from her days as Mackenzie Montgomery, Foot Fetish Softcore Adult Model have become public.

“These are more sensual than the other photos that have been uncovered,” noted Brian O’Malley, a Candice devotee who has worked on several of the Diva’s fan sites, “a lot of Candice’s fans think she hasn’t aged well in the past year, but she looks young, beautiful, and healthy in these pictures.”

“Besides,” O’Malley added, “she’s nude, so of course she looks spectacular in these photos!” Candice, who appeared for WWE at the Democratic National Convention last week, has also been busy in the Smackdown Your Vote campaign, trying to get young WWE viewers to register to vote in this year’s Presidential election. You can check out the latest Candice photo discoveries here.

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