Brie Bella of The Bella Twins makes her debut on WWE Smackdown! vs Victoria
Posted on Friday, August 29th, 2008

Brie Bella vs. Victoria, Photo (c) WWE

Brie Bella vs. Victoria, Photo (c) WWE

Tonight on Smackdown!, Brie Bella (Brianna Bella) defeated WWE Diva veteran Victoria in her debut match after an inside-cradle. During the match, Brie Bella went under the ring, which should play out in the future to be her actually switching places with her twin sister Nicole Bella.

Brie Bella of The Bella Twins

Brie Bella of The Bella Twins

WWE Diva marks will come out and say this was an impressive debut, however I wouldn’t watch this match a third time—the dead crowd reaction didn’t help their case either. I would think that Victoria after being a heel in the WWE for such a long time, would be able to gain some reaction. Solid work by Brie, with the most rousing parts of the match being Brie’s flying snapmares followed by Brie receiving a vicious back breaker from Victoria as with Brie receiving a stiff kick in the stomach to the outside. With that said, Brie Bella has tons of potential in the ring, as with the possible twin sister storyline. She’s certainly capable of some great matches in the future, it simply wasn’t a memorable debut.

  • brandon

    i think she was awesome

  • Harjaap

    sigh….just another toothpick wanna be model who lucked out and got to come into the wwe….uhhh…at least gail kim signed a contract

  • Mike Scavone

    Brie is going to be right up there with the rest of the great wwe divas. She has what it takes and she is going to go along way. She could not have asked for a better teacher than Victoria for her first match. Give credit to Victoria on a great match.

  • Anon.

    Although the WWE is seriously sucking at the moment, ESPECIALLY where the divas are concerned, I don’t mind her. She seems to have some, even if only a little, skill and isn’t a total skank wearing next to nothing like the others. She could be good. I say bring on a few more matches for her.

  • MostDominantAthlete

    She switched places with her sister under the ring. Technically, her sister pinned Victoria. There is an obvious difference in Brie and Nicole’s weight.

  • brandon

    good job

  • brandon

    you are hot

  • brandon

    nice job

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