New Natalya Neidhart Fan Nation blog, Layla El’s time off
Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2008

Layla El

Layla El

On Layla El‘s myspace blog, it was revealed why we have not seen her on WWE television as of late. She recently lost her mother and has been out of the country…

Hey Everyone,

This is Renida. Lay’s best friend. She has been experiencing a huge loss in her life right now. Her mother passed away unexpectedly and she’s been out of the country dealing with everything. I wanted you all to be aware of what is going on and send out as much positive energy and prayer to help her get through this difficult time in her life. The WWE has really helpful and understanding with her taking a little time off right now but she will definitely be back in full force before September. This is the reason she hasn’t been on my space lately. If any one of you have experienced losing someone in your life who meant a lot, you know how she’s feeling and that it takes time to heal. I spoke to Lay today and she’s being strong for the rest of her fam, she also gave me the ok to write something to her fans letting you know what’s going on with her. She loves you and she thanks all of you for your support.



On Friday, Smackdown Diva Natalya posted a new blog for WWE.com Fan Nation titled “Homeward Bound”, talking about her recent trip back to Canada…

It’s been one week since I have been back from my native land, Canada, and I feel recharged! I had a very successful trip to Alberta and I had the chance to meet with fans, press and of course, family. Because I can never sit still, I also managed to take in Cirque du Soleil, a shopping spree at Lulu Lemon, a run along the Bow River and even a drive past Hart House.

I was in Calgary and Edmonton, which is Hart country and I just felt so much emotion in the best way. Through radio, news and newspaper, I had such an opportunity to open up about my life as a Diva in WWE. I always enjoy sharing stories about my family, too. I have a lot of pride in the fact that their legacy lives on through the respect of the “next generation.”

To add a little pep in my step, my uncle surprised me with tickets to see Cirque du Soleil, which reminded me so much of what we as Divas and Superstars do in sports-entertainment. The costumes were gorgeous. The performers were sculpted athletes who needed their bodies to carefully maneuver themselves in flips, spins and jumps that defied gravity for even the very best gymnasts. It was captivating watching a story unfold as these very theatrical athletes pushed physical boundaries one could only dream of.

I did find a day to wake up really early and run on my favorite path along the Bow River. I sported a new Lulu Lemon running outfit and ran as fast as I could, because I was so excited to be home. I even saw a deer. I tried to take in the mountains, the river and the air on a trail that would lead me to my uncle’s gym.

BJ’s gym was where my entire family trained when they weren’t in the squared circle. When the Dungeon closed down, my uncle BJ set up a ring in the gym, so we would always have a place to wrestle any time we wanted. The gym is full of pictures of our family and friends and wrestlers that have come in and out of our lives that remind us of why we do this. It is actually a very inspiring little place.

Before I left Calgary, I wanted to go past my grandfather’s house. I just love to drive down the hill that overlooks it, and take it all in. It still brings back an assortment of memories that make me laugh, cry and most importantly, remember my roots.

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