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Women of Wrestling WWE Divas - Torrie Wilson
WWE Divas, October 23rd NXT Results – Becky Makes A Bank Statement
WWE Divas, October 20th Raw Results – AJ Is Out-Foxed; Brie Is Outstanding
WWE Divas, October 17th Smackdown Results – A Night of Fearless & Flawless Victories
WWE Divas, October 16th NXT Results – Becky & Carmella Do It With Flair
WWE Divas, October 13th Raw Results – There’s No ‘AJ’ Or ‘Nikki’ In Team
WWE Divas, October 9th Superstars Results – Cameron Needs A Rear View Mirror

October 24th, 2014 | Post a Reply »

WWE Divas – October 23, 2014 NXT Results:

Sasha Banks vs Bayley


Last week on NXT, Becky Lynch was again unsuccessful in defeating the current Women’s Champion. We also saw Sasha Banks get into her head a little and remind her of how little impact she’s had since debuting. This week it seems Sasha is going to show Becky how it’s done. She’s facing probably her favourite opponent on NXT – and the woman she’s mocked and attacked numerous times – Bayley. We’ll have to wonder how Becky will react to Sasha’s words.

October 21st, 2014 | 2 Comments »

WWE Divas – Raw, October 20 Results:

summer alicia

Last week on Raw, we saw the continuation of two prominent Diva feuds. This week, the stakes are even higher going into the Hell In A Cell PPV. The Bella Twins will finally go one-on-one with each other, with the loser having to act as the winner’s personal assistant for a month. Brie Bella is preparing for her big match by facing the resident Total Divas boyfriend-stealer Summer Rae. Meanwhile it has been announced that AJ Lee will defend her Divas’ Championship against Paige at Hell In A Cell also. This week as she prepares for that defence, she’s got Paige’s new BFF to worry about. AJ Lee takes on Alicia Fox, with Paige at ringside.

October 18th, 2014 | Post a Reply »

WWE Smackdown, October 17 2014:

aj nikki

Since this week’s Raw was a bit of a dud Diva-wise, Smackdown looks to make things up to us. We’re actually getting two Diva matches; that’s a double dose across all brands this week – Raw, NXT and Smackdown. The first of the matches prepares Nikki Bella for her Hell In A Cell grudge match against her sister Brie. This week Fearless Nikki is facing Naomi. And likewise the Divas’ Champion found herself without a partner on Raw – as Layla walked out on their tag match. AJ Lee will now face Layla in singles competition. As expected, the WWE’s resident Cloud Cuckoo Landers Alicia Fox and Paige will be in the area also.

October 17th, 2014 | Post a Reply »

WWE Divas – October 16, 2014 NXT Results:

nxt 01

This week on NXT, it seems we’ve got a double dose of Divas’ action. The reigning Women’s Champion – and possible newest member of the babyface side – Charlotte will be in a non-title bout. She’ll be facing a woman she’s now very familiar with – and who we only saw last week. It’s Becky Lynch! And before the match, Becky’s opponent from last week Sasha Banks has some choice words for her. That’s not all; William Regal promised that Carmella would get a try-out match this week. And her opponent is everyone’s favourite cosplayer from the indies Leva Bates.

October 14th, 2014 | Post a Reply »

WWE Divas – Raw, October 13 Results:

nikki aj

So last week on Raw, AJ Lee unsuccessfully tried to recruit a partner to help her combat the new BFF tandem of Paige and Alicia Fox. This week it’s a similar situation. Her partner for the week is one half of the Slayers and a Diva she had a sort-of friendship with last year Layla. Meanwhile the Total Divas cast collide in the ring once more – this time in 6-Diva tag action! Brie Bella leads her team of Natalya and Naomi to face Nikki Bella’s team of Cameron and Summer Rae. We also have Rosa Mendes acting as window dressing for the evening. Should be a good one!

October 10th, 2014 | Post a Reply »

WWE Divas – October 9 Superstars Match:

Naomi vs Cameron

cameron naomi

So the Divas are out again on Thursday nights. This week’s WWE Superstars match does have a special story behind it; at the end of 2011 two young Divas debuted as dancers to Brodus Clay. After about a year of being just window dressing, they were allowed to wrestle. They entertained people in the ring for another year and a bit – until tension started to show. Cameron split from her partner Naomi and turned heel. Total Divas recently revealed that Cameron chose to split the team herself – wanting to relocate to NXT and train. There have been two matches between the girls – each with a win of their own. So this is the rubber match. Cameron faces Naomi on WWE Superstars!

October 10th, 2014 | Post a Reply »

WWE Divas – October 9, 2014 NXT Results:

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks


So last week on NXT, Charlotte solidified her reign as Women’s Champion – successfully defending against Bayley. The two showed a mutual respect for each other afterwards – which is more than can be said for Charlotte’s former BFF. Sasha Banks has been trying to carve her own identity on NXT since splitting from the Beautiful Fierce Females. This week she continues to try and establish a name for herself. And she’s doing it against another young Diva on the rise. Sasha takes on the Irish Grunge Goddess Becky Lynch. We also get breaking news regarding Carmella’s NXT future.

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